Elizabeth Peters, Tomb of the Golden Bird

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Tomb of the Golden Bird
Series: Amelia Peabody, 18
My rating: 3of 5 stars

The golden bird refers to the rise of the curse that any involved in opening King Tut’s tomb will die…bwah-hah-hah. In this episode, Emerson is afflicted with a case of honor and allows Carter to find King Tut’s tomb. After that, everything falls apart.

Sethos appears in need of nursing while being chased by, it seems, both sides. Everyone is after Tut’s treasure. Margaret is thought to be under threat of kidnapping. David, Sennia, and Gargery show up to do illustrations for a London newspaper and Gargery is kidnapped…we think. Mr. Smith gets even more cryptic. And someone is reporting on the Emersons’ activities but is it Sethos, Suzanne, Nadji, or someone else…

As usual the Emersons are under the gun and willing to play it through.

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