Maggie Shayne, Twilight Begins

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Twilight Begins
Series: Wings in the Night, 1 & 2
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay I liked the characters and, yes, I will continue following this series, but, lord, must it be so very melodramatic!?? The number of times I’ve rolled my eyes as I read…

Twilight Phantasies introduces us to four of the main characters: Eric, Tamara, Roland, and Jamey as it unfolds the background of Shayne’s vampiric culture and their battle with DPI and its obsessed scientists. Also revealed is the truth of Tamara’s upbringing and the critical bond between her and Jamey and with Eric.

Shayne’s vampires are of the kind variety with a secondary task as guardians which they are compelled to perform.

Twilight Memories brings a character, Rhiannon, mentioned in Phantasies to the fore with tales of her history as an Egyptian princess. Wow, just the thought of seeing all that history unfold let alone living through it… This particular story takes place at Roland’s family castle in France and revolves around Roland and Rhiannon who each refuse to acknowledge the love they have for each other as they desperately attempt to save Jamey from the clutches of DPI and Curtis Rogers. With a little help from their friends, Eric and Tamara.

I’m looking forward to a continued acquaintance with Pandora as well…

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