Shiloh Walker, A Wish, a Kiss, a Dream

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A Wish, a Kiss, a Dream
Series: Cowboys and Captives, 2 (Cowboy and the Thief)
              Dreams, 4 (Paying Up)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The title is very appropriate for this collection of stories and, wonder of wonder, the stories don’t feel contrived to fit within their theme of Valentine’s Day romances.

Shiloh Walker’s Djinn’s Wish is a sweet variant on the djinn who wants his freedom but is willing to give it up for love. After many years of yearning for freedom, Tam encounters Katlin Dixon, a painter of soaring promise whose career was cut short by a car accident that stole her sight.

Mary Wine’s Paying Up has an unexpected tight military bent when Chris reconnects with Major Shane Jacobs, a black ops soldier stiff in every way. Seems Major Shane hasn’t gotten over her appeal after he and his men rescued her and a friend from a kidnapping gone wrong. It’s Valentine’s weekend when the major returns to claim what he considers his.

Lora Leigh’s Cowboy and the Thief was obviously run up in a hurry. It does bring in a bit of the mythical with its Wolf’s Head torque and the dreams unknowingly shared between Jack Riley and Angel Manning. Things come to a head when Angel breaks into Jack’s ranch to steal back the heirloom torque her father sold. Jack’s been waiting for her and takes full advantage of her illegal act to force her into his bed.

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