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PerfectPerfect by Judith McNaught
Series: Second Opportunities, 2

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, this was good. It felt a bit cliched at first then I got sucked in with all the tragedy and the goodness of Julie. McNaught put a nice twist on it with Zach’s coldness versus his gentle manners and Julie’s early upbringing enhanced by her eventual family combining together into her innate goodness. Zach’s kidnapping of her and how he treated her in Matt’s Colorado cabin was so sweet.

From the other two books in the series, I had wondered how the betrayal fit in and that was very interesting. Nice ploy to get Paul and Meredith to help change that around.

The sour note was McNaught’s harping on how Julie tried so hard to fit in with the minister and his family. She kept on this while it seemed that Julie loved her life. What, trying to inject difficulty into Julie’s adult life?? And what happened to Paul? Poor guy goes out of his way to help Julie and we never hear of him again…huh???

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