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Eye of the Storm (Posleen War: Sidestories, #4)Eye of the Storm by John Ringo
Series: Posleen War (aka Legacy of the Aldenata), 11
              Sidestories, #4

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jesus…you almost don’t want to read this one. Huge, HUGE betrayal of Mike O’Neal and his men with trumped-up charges for O’Neal by his friends no less…???!!! Fortunately, Michelle, Cassie, and their crews are standing by.

The Himmit reveal a new level of strength when they force the Darhel to accept O’Neal as their master…hooboy, if you have been wanting to see the Darhel get their comeuppance…this is it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t make O’Neal’s job any easier. He’s got a lot on his plate in this one what with needing to weed out the corrupt idiots from the Fleet and finding decent officers to replace them—luckily for Callie, Stewart is one of ’em. The German SS unit is also folded back into Earth’s military as part of the defense of Gratool. And the rebellious DAG unit gets a comeback and has their record tidied up. I love watching the Darhel come to heel under O’Neal…

Naturally, the reason for this 180 is the introduction of a new big, badder—the Hedren. A race who makes the Posleen look like a cakewalk. The Hedren use Sohon but, unlike the Indowy and the Tcchpth, the Hedren use it for war. So Michelle and the Indowy need a captive to explore.

Ringo creates a very believable cast of characters, most of whom I’m pulling in for and some I would cheer if they would only die(!) and Ringo is very obviously not on the side of the brass. His military experience comes through with his treatment of the actions and the characters.

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