Georgette Heyer, Unknown Ajax

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The Unknown AjaxThe Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer
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A Regency romance through which you can’t help but laugh when Lord Darracott meets his heir for the first time. When his second son off and marries the daughter of a weaver, Darracott wrote that son out of his will. Unfortunately, he can’t write his grandson out of the inheritance and since his firstborn and that son’s heir drowned, the weaver’s brat is in line when milord kicks the bucket. Well, he can’t have some backwoods country bumpkin step into his shoes, so young Hugo Darracott is “invited” to Darracott Place to be schooled and married off to his cousin.

When all six-foot-four-inches of Major Hugh Darracott steps across the threshold, the family is stunned by that lumbering Ajax and automatically assumes he is as stupid as he is big. It doesn’t take Hugo long to play up to his family’s expectations using a broad Yorkshire accent to make everyone’s day. Nor does he hop to it when his Grandfather demands his presence, which sets the servants and family a’tremble.

Hugo’s courtship of Anthea is too funny with an interesting twist on how to approach an unwilling female. Then there’s Richmond. Coming from outside, Hugo realizes that young Richmond is ripe for scandal so when Richmond does stagger into the kitchens, Hugo is ready to take charge.

It’s a lovely, funny romance that shows you just can’t judge a book by its cover.

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