Book Review: Katherine Hall Page’s The Body in the Moonlight

Posted March 18, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: Katherine Hall Page’s The Body in the Moonlight

The Body in the Moonlight

by Katherine Hall Page


Series: Faith Fairchild #10

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Genres: Amateur Sleuth, Mystery

This Paperback has 352 pages and was published by Avon Publications on February 5, 2002. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

Tenth chronologically and eleventh in the publication order in the Faith Fairchild cooking mystery series.

My Take

Faith is learning all about being a school mom with Ben going off to kindergarten this year; no separation anxiety for our boy! The only other school “problem” — and it really is a problem — is that the principal has been accused of a horrible crime.

Unfortunately for Faith, these issues will become minor to her peace of mind as she debates Tom’s fidelity and the community itself questions Faith’s motives…and starts canceling dinners right and left.

Good thing she now has the time to solve two mysteries: who would smear the school principal and who murdered Gwen. At least until more tragic death throws Faith in a new direction, solving one issue but raising others, until another meet-and-eat is set up, which scarily resolves the identity of the killer.

Man, I got so hungry reading through this. You almost need to shop the recipes in the back first so you can cook before doing the actual reading!

The Story

It should be a good fundraiser, catering a Murder Dinner to kick off the restoration campaign. Until one of the dinner guests provides them with a real victim. And Faith has a motive for having wanted her dead.

The Characters

Faith Fairchild is a caterer, the wife of a minister, and a mom. The Reverend Tom Fairchild is her spouse. Their son, Ben, is going off to kindergarten this year. Amy is their pre-school daughter. Nikki is Faith’s assistant in her business, Have Faith.

The school principal.

The First Parish 250th Anniversary Campaign is…
…to raise funds for church repairs. One idea is the Murder Dinner planned by Polly Pringle, a party planner. Gwen is a young art major getting married in a few months.

The Cover and Title

I really don’t get the cover. I don’t see what relevance it has to the storyline. I mean, a scarecrow in a field of corn?? The title is where one victim is found, The Body in the Moonlight.

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