David Lawrence, Down into Darkness

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Down into DarknessDown into Darkness by David Lawrence
Series: DS Stella Mooney, 4
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fourth in the mystery series, DS Stella Mooney, set in modern-day London where Stella is struggling with a serial killer who is not leaving a pattern—choosing people randomly with a purpose.

It’s an interesting cast of victims: a hooker, a researcher, a news editor, a retired teacher, and a politician. Finding the common thread is a tough task for Stella and her crew. As they tease out the connections, we are exposed to BIG money and its manipulations in our world as well as the depths to which such men will descend to accumulate it.

Emotionally, Delaney is struggling between boredom and love while Stella is experiencing her own struggle between her never-there mother who has suddenly reappeared in her life and the comfort she has with Delaney. Her fellow cop, Pete Harriman, has his own struggle with his sincere desire to share himself with as many women as possible and the one who just may prove his downfall. The whole squad has to deal with a replacement DI, Brian Collier, when Sorley is forced onto leave. It’s kinda fun to watch the “education” of Collier throughout the story.

Great cover with its graffiti and “tools of the trade” summarizing the story.

Lawrence raises an interesting question about the rightness (or wrongness) of when to kill. Something for all of us to consider. Excellent story.

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