Book Review: J.D. Robb’s Kindred in Death

Posted May 12, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: J.D. Robb’s Kindred in Death

Kindred in Death

by J.D. Robb


Series: In Death #29

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

This Hardcover has 374 pages and was published by Putnam Adult on November 3, 2009. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

Thirty-first in the In Death romance-suspense series starring Eve Dallas and Roarke based in the mid-21st century in New York City.

My Take

This is about the fourth time I’ve read this book, heck, my fourth time through the series. I absolutely love Eve with all her strengths and vulnerabilities. I want my own Roarke. Sure, he’s probably the richest man in the universe, but I love that wicked sense of humor, his sensitivity about people and particularly with Eve, and he sounds like he’s pretty amazing in bed, on the table, the floor, the counter, the…well, you get the picture. The interaction between the Cop and the [former] Criminal is too much fun and I have so enjoyed watching their relationship grow as Eve comes to rely upon and accept Roarke in her life…as well as his pushiness in being a part of her investigations.

Of course, being a gadget-girl, I love the gadgets that Robb includes in mid-century life although I can do without most of the soy food…ick…!

In this installment, Charles and Louise are getting married — Eve is the matron of honor. And doesn’t that just freak her out! Not only does she have to figure out what girly stuff she’s ‘sposed to do but she just knows that somehow Tina will be involved!

Thank god for her professional life…it’s so much easier wading through blood and dodging fists and bullets than being tormented by the feminine expectations…whatever they are!?? Interrupting her Sunday with Roarke is a truly horrible torture-murder of a young girl, the daughter of a highly-decorated cop. It’s truly amazing to watch Eve and her team pull tiny bits and pieces together to solve this puzzle. This is another part of what I love about this series, Eve always figures it out and usually gets her man/woman.

It’s also the camaraderie amongst her people and their interactions with each other. Robb has a great cast of characters and I love following their lives.

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