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King of Sword and Sky (Tairen Soul, #3)King of Sword and Sky by C.L. Wilson
Series: Tairen Soul, 3
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Third in the romantic fantasy series, Tairen Soul.

The Story
Ellysetta and Rain are almost to the Fading Lands, her father and twin sisters accompanying them. Her family will stay in Garreval on the edge of the Mists that protect the Fading Lands while Ellie and Rain will continue through the Mists on to Chakai and other cities that are still alive.

Ellie’s primary purpose is to find a way to save the few remaining kitlings of the tairen. Some evil is killing the kits one by one while they are still in the egg and the Eye of Truth has prophesied that Ellie is the only person who can save them. Those kits are all that stands between extinction and life for the tairen and the fey, it is essential that Ellie succeed.

In Lord of the Fading Lands, we learned that the High Mage had put a Mage Mark on Ellie; in Lady of Light and Shadow we learned that the connections between Efreya and Shan and Ellysetta caused the punishments inflicted upon them to flow to Ellie as well causing the fits which have affected Ellie all her life. The connection between parents and their child. A connection no one knows of leading everyone to believe it is caused by the Mage Marks, marks of evil and control.

Horrible things are revealed in King of Sword and Sky yet hope blossoms because so much good also comes about. Amarynth blooms where Marissya walks, a flower that will only bloom in the footsteps of a pregnant fey. A pregnancy caused by the night we experienced in Lady of Light and Shadow leading thousands of fey to have hope for themselves. The tairen accept Ellie as one of their own despite the visions projected by the Eye of Truth.

Those visions have forced Rain to reveal all about Ellie to the Massan, a council of five fey who have been governing the Fading Lands while Rain has been learning to rein in his anger. The substance of those visions cause a break in the Massan which leads to deadly results.

The Characters
The Eld are led by High Mage Vadim Maur and for a thousand years he has been planning the coming war against the fey. He has also been plotting a myriad of ways to gain immortality for himself.

Rainer is the King of the fey solely because he was the only Tairen Soul still alive at the end of the Mage Wars—only a Tairen Soul may be king. After losing his mate, Sariel, during the Mage Wars, Rain went mad and scoured all the lands burning everything and everyone before him. He has spent the last 1,000 years trying to live with his guilt and protect his people and the tairen.

Ellysetta is Rain’s truemate. The Eye of Truth told Rain he must go to Celieria to find the way to save the tairen and their kits. On his way into the city, Rain found Ellysetta in the crowds who had gathered to watch the fey parade through the streets. The daughter of a wood carver, Ellie had dreamt of the fey but had never considered she would ever live such a life nor that she had magic.

The tairen are huge magical cat-like creatures with wings, who breathe fire. The fey have their magic because of the tairen. Where once there were thousands of tiaren, today there are less than two dozen…including the kitlings…and Rain, the Tairen Soul.

Dahl’reisen are fey who have gone to the Dark side and been banished from the Fading Lands. Lady Marissya and Dax are truemates, a couple who has found their soul mates.

A truemated fey couple, Elfeya and Shan v’En Celay, a.k.a., Lord Death, were captured by Maur and imprisoned, tortured for 1,000 years. Somehow they had a child whose magic they bound to hide her from Maur. They managed to effect her escape from Eld where she was found and adopted by a Celierian couple, Sol and Lauriana Baristani.

Kiel vel Tomar whose strength of magic is Water and Kieran vel Solande, Earth, are in charge of protecting the Baristani family at Garreval, the last outpost of Celieria before crossing into the Mists, a protective barrier laid down 1,000 years ago as a protection for the fey.

My Take
This is a very busy story with so much happening as Ellysetta passes and as Maur feels the weight of his years. Ellie pushes through her fears and doubts to help the fey and the tairen even though she fears Maur’s taint on her. While Maur pushes up his timetable as he fears the loss of his physical strength.

Excellent story and so very difficult to put down.

The Cover
The cover and title are very accurate, Rain is the King of Sword and Sky as he slashes with his sword and armies clash behind him in a haze of red against an evil backdrop of a black hooded figure with glowing red eyes.

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