Book Review: Kim Harrison’s Unbound

Posted June 14, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: Kim Harrison’s Unbound


by Jeaniene Frost, Jocelynn Drake, Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Vicki Pettersson


Series: Dark Days #0.6, Elementals #2.5, Night Huntress Universe #0.5, Signs of the Zodiac #4.5, The Hollows #7.5

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Genres: Paranormal

This Paperback has 358 pages and was published by Eos Press on September 2009. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

An anthology of five paranormal short stories whose main topic is members of the paranormal community who go outside their usual activities in some way.


“Ley Line Drifter” (The Hollows, 7.5)
“Reckoning” (Vampire Huntress, 0.5)
“Dark Matters” (Sign of the Zodiac, 4.5)
“The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten” (Dark Days, 0.6)

The Stories

Kim Harrison‘s “Ley Line Drifter” is a betweens story for The Hollows with Jenks taking on a side job to help a pixie with a statue problem…it seems pigeons aren’t the only critters who poop on ’em! I was a teeny bit disappointed with this one. At times, I almost checked to be sure it was a Kim Harrison as the writing would falter. Chronology-wise, it is some time after Rachel frees Pierce from his grave.

Jeaniene Frost‘s “Reckoning” is a prequel to the Vampire Huntress series, i.e., pre-Cat. We finally learn just why Bones was banned by Marie LeVeau from New Orleans.

Vicki Pettersson‘s “Dark Matters” relates the moral tale of a superhero who makes all sorts of wrong decisions. This boy was definitely let out to play too soon!

Jocelynn Drake‘s “The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten” was an interesting story of a nightwalker, Mira, who worked with the police and was master of Savannah. Drake’s tale contained the general vampire culture but had some interesting differences. The Coven (normally a term that refers to a group of witches) is the ruling body for all nightwalkers and is based in Venice, Italy. Mira is pretty laissez-faire about the nightwalkers who move into her city, oh, and vampires can broadcast to other vamps about their activities. I enjoyed the story on the whole but the lack of clues was irritating. Drake simply dropped conclusions upon me out of the blue.

Melissa Marr‘s “Two Lines” is certainly an appropriate title. Eavan will turn glaistig if she crosses two lines: has sex and kills. In this story, Eavan has been stalking a drug and sex slaves dealer, Daniel, and the hunt to put him down is bringing her very close to that edge. Then her grandmother forces a bodyguard on her. A bodyguard Eavan finds very attractive who is also interested in bringing Daniel down. It’s an interesting story but it falls a bit short.

The Cover and Title

Not really sure what relevance the cover has with the stories. It’s pretty enough with its background of blues and the subtle highlight of a blood-dripping orchid but it gets ruined with the fuchsia text. The title itself, Unbound“, seems to be the general theme of letting go.

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