Cathy Maxwell, Four Dukes and a Devil

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Four Dukes and a DevilFour Dukes and a Devil by Cathy Maxwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Irish Duke (part of Cameron Sisters??)
            Duke Who Came to Dinner
                  (part of Guys & Dogs??)
            Devil to Pay (Night Huntress, 3.5)
            Catch of the Century (Widows Club, 3.5)
            Charmed by Her Smile (Byrons of
                  Braebourne, 2.5)

This anthology consists of three normal historical romances and two paranormal romances.

Cathy Maxwell’s Irish Duke was a bit simple but cute in spite of the incongruities sprinkled throughout with the trouble Miss Susan Rogers causes Roan Gillray, fourth Duke of Killeigh. Orphaned with no money, Susan has created a niche market making suitable matches for young ladies of nobility. This Season, Susan has been parading her valuable “knowledge” by terrifying the parents with a little known fact about Irish Dukes…they are always last. And god forbid, any of their precious daughters should ever be last!

Elaine Fox’s Duke Who Came to Dinner is a contemporary romance with Gray determined to step outside her shell while housesitting a friend’s beach house and in the process exposes herself to Sam. A sweet, simple story spiced up with a reluctant ghost…or is it just the furnace?

Jeaniene Frost’s Devil to Pay involves a scion of Mencheres’—Elise who encounters a human possessed by a devil just as he attempts to throw himself in front of a subway train. Blake’s terror at the hurt he/the demon has caused to so many people has hardened his desire to kill himself to rid his body of the devil possessing him. And his honorable intentions wake Elise up. For fifty-some years, Elise has hidden from the world but Blake’s concern for everyone but himself spurs her to save him. Excellent, excellent story!

Sophia Nash’s Catch of the Century was a fun romp in Regency England when Victoria Givan and her young crew of architectural students are abandoned on the side of the road over 60 miles from their destination. A chance encounter provides them with a ride from the Catch of the Century, John Varick, ninth Duke of Beaufort, when his driver almost runs them down. It’s Victoria’s unimpressed attitude that catches Varick’s attention especially as she continues to elude him.

Tracy Anne Warren’s Charmed By Her Smile is another Regency England adventure when India Byron is desperate to elude Peter the Pest who just will not understand “no” and asks Quentin Marlowe, eighth Duke of Weybridge, to kiss her in the hopes that it will finally sink into Peter Harte’s brain that she is not interested. It’s a lovely adventure for both of them as Quentin falls in love with the vivacious India.

The Cover
The cover is a odd with the roof of its country house illuminated with the ball of light. I don’t really understand the relevance…

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