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No Dominion (Joe Pitt, #2)No Dominion by Charlie Huston
Series: Joe Pitt, 2
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second in the urban fantasy series, Joe Pitt, a new kind of paranormal crime fiction. Yup, the name says it all—gritty, pulp noir about a 17-year-old runaway who gets infected with the Vyrus turning him into a vampire. Spending the first 30 years, few for a vampire that is, learning the ropes and how to survive in his new unlife. Joe decides to go it alone, as a rogue living a precarious life on the fringe of various clans’ territories. Tolerated for his fairness.

The Story
It’s been rough in the months since that last job when he rescued the girl from her father, the doc who was experimenting with the thing, spoiling Dexter Predo’s plans. No work means no money for rent, no blood. The most fun Joe’s had was last night when he took care of the drugged-out vamp at Doc Holiday’s.

Joe’ll just have to bite the bullet and go talk to Terry over at the Society. See if there’s any work he can do. Figures that any work Terry’ll dole out comes with problems. Big problems. Figure out where the new drug is comin’ from. Do it on the QT so no one, I mean no one knows Joe is workin’ for Terry.

Wanting to keep himself as safe as possible, Joe uses his own connections to investigate even when the dirt he learns takes him through Coalition territory into the Hood. Where things just get worse the more he learns.

The Characters
The characters are so, well, true is the only word that works for me. Joe is a smart guy in many ways, but, oh so dumb, when it comes to betrayal, plotting, manipulation. He’s a straight out guy who takes care of the people for whom he cares.

Evie is terrified, demanding, and proud. Either Joe’s gonna be there for her as the HIV gets worse or he’s not. And she wants to know now!

The wrap-up on the Count and his little harem. Brilliant exposé by Huston of a spoiled little sociopath. Sure never saw Joe’s action coming on that one!

The gang leaders’ characters were right on…and so very similar to our own political leaders.

My Take
This was good! I never saw it coming. The truth about Luthor X. How DJ Grave Digga fits into the whole. The past history between Vandewater, Terry, and Predo. Huston had me going back and forth like a ping pong ball! How Huston kept getting Joe out of one mess and into another and then the manner in which Huston wrapped it all up. Sneaky bugger. I ever do a job for him, I’m having my lawyer check out the contract! And all the tricks Huston thought up for how the drug is created….eeeeyew… He is a sick puppy!

The whole plot is a metaphor for how politics work in the real world with their maneuvering and manipulation. With each man’s own private view on how to accomplish their particular goal.

If you start this book, don’t plan on putting it down until you’re done.

The Cover
It’s a great cover—gritty, city, rain-slicked streets gleaming in the night with what I’m beginning to think is part of the trademark. A lit cigarette and a partial face showing lip with a fang. The title is perfect, for no clan has dominion in New York City.

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