Elizabeth Jewell, Lover From Another World

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Lover from Another World (Fated Trilogy, #1)Lover from Another World by Elizabeth Jewell
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An erotic anthology with at least two good stories…

Rachel Carrington’s Her Lover’s World is a suspenseful, fantasy romance with a mystery lover appearing in Anna’s bedroom and shower. Never allowing her to see him as he brings her pleasure. Until one night, Onyx does allow her to see him for it seems she is his soulmate. A woman he has waiting on for thousands of years ever since Atlantis sank. As king of Atlantis, Onyx has a responsibility to his people, a responsibility that does not include this woman.

I must confess that while I enjoyed the romanticism of it, its execution was terrible. I got in more “oh, pleases” in this story than I could count. Carrington couldn’t be bothered to work out even an unbelievable scenario to enable Anna and her son to transit worlds before she shows up in Onyx’s castle. He had told her he was king and when Ezrel shows up to escort her to the king, she’s clueless and afraid of this “unknown king”…oh, please… Onyx tells her she’ll have to leave, she can’t stay with him and yet she allows her son to be taken from her?? Gimme a break… Then Carrington can’t keep track of Anna’s panties. On an earlier page, they’ve been removed and now they’re suddenly back on her body?

Guess Carrington was in a rush when she tossed this one off.

Elizabeth Jewell’s Lady of the Seals is a cute paranormal-romance that plays with the selkie legends. Gilly is a selkie who comes across the almost-dead body of a shipwrecked seaman whom she rescues. Their love blossoms even when David discovers her dual nature and hides her coat thus preventing her from changing, preventing her from leaving him. But when Gilly becomes pregnant and her life is threatened, David follows her heart and sets her free even though it imprisons him.

Shiloh Walker’s Voyeur is an erotic threesome that also appears in Good Things Come in Threes, another anthology. I really enjoy this particular story for its eroticism and for its homey qualities. Kye truly loves Ashlyn and sees giving her this night with himself and his friend, Connor, as a gift for her pleasure. A gift that becomes necessary three years later with Kye’s demise.

The Cover
It’s a bit of a shame that only two of the stories include a watery theme when there is such a hunky guy waist deep in sparkling blue water.

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