Book Review: David Weber’s In Fury Born

Posted July 23, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: David Weber’s In Fury Born

In Fury Born

by David Weber


Series: Path of the Fury #1, Path of the Fury #2, Path of the Fury #3, Path of the Fury #4, Path of the Fury #5, Path of the Fury #6

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Genres: Military Science Fiction

This Hardcover has 864 pages and was published by Baen Books on April 1, 2006. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

In Fury Born seems to be the whole series in one especially at 838 pages with tiny print!

My Take

Weber has done a good job of separating out this story from the Honor Harrington universe. There were only a few places where I felt Honor might be showing up and those places could easily be fixed. I mean, c’mon Weber, you’ve done such a great job and you couldn’t find a substitute for “BuPers” or “BatRon”? If this is another world, another universe separate from Harrington’s, I can’t imagine it would have been that difficult to come up with different terminology. And there are more last names in the world than Hauptman…

Other than those quibbles, I loved In Fury Born. I am so hoping that Weber continues Alley’s adventures! Her partnership with Megaira and Tisiphone are so ideal for more adventures and more battles!

The Story
Our first notice of Alicia DeVries is when the military notices Alicia’s extraordinary talents. Our first introduction to Alicia is when she enters the Imperial Marines following in the footsteps of her highly-revered grandfather. We fight with Alicia through the streets of Zhikotse on the planet of Gyangtse as the Marines struggle to rescue its government leaders from terrorists.

In Emperor’s Sword we learn what it means to be picked and trained as one of the super-elite, a member of the Cadre, the Emperor’s hand-picked guards. A unit that is only called in when all else seems hopeless. In which Alley’s battalion is almost destroyed in a battle on planet Fuller to rescue 600 hostages, and she gains the highest honor the empire can bestow.

In Broken Sword, Alley and her unit save the day when she causes the Rish to go home from planet Louvain and where she learns of a terrible betrayal. A betrayal that caused the disaster at Shallingsport on Fuller. A betrayal that leads to further betrayals and cause Alley to retire from the Cadre.

In Victims, pirates destroy Mathison’s World. Worse, they murder everyone in Alley’s family. Their biggest mistake, for Alley will not stop to find out who they are and destroy them. There’s just one little problem. Alley should have died. The scans should have found her. But Alley’s body didn’t show until someone actually landed at her family’s homestead. An anomaly the military will not accept. Nor do they believe Alley is sane. Not when she’s talking to invisible people.

(The following two are also published as In the Path of the Fury)

In Fugitive, Tisiphone has learned all she needs to bypass the military codes and reactivates Alley’s implants. Having set up the necessary vehicles, arranged for a particular cargo and flight plans, Tisiphone forces Alley to escape on an alpha-synth ship. It’s all part of Tisiphone’s deal with Alley to help her gain vengeance against the pirates.

In Fury, Alley has followed the trail to the blackmarket dealers working with the pirates only to be joined by Ferhat who has always had his own theories about Alley’s sanity. A good thing too as he discovers just how much more there is to Alley and Tisiphone’s partnership especially when you add in Megaira, the AI for the alpha-synth ship.

The Characters

Amazing group of characters Weber has created with his usual exaggerations of goodness and evil. I love it!

The Cover and Title

The cover is a typical Baen production. Every time I look at it, I’m expecting Honor to pop out of the book.

The title is absolutely perfect! For Alicia is In Fury Born. Tisiphone’s “brilliant” idea to horde all of Alley’s anger turns out to be the biggest mistake, and the turnaround that Tisiphone makes in her own judgments and values is amazing. Amazing enough that its Tisiphone who saves Alley’s day.

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