Book Review: Rachel Caine’s Chicks Kick Butt

Posted July 25, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: Rachel Caine’s Chicks Kick Butt

Chicks Kick Butt

by Carole Nelson Douglas, Cheyenne McCray, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Jeanne C. Stein, Jenna Black, Karen Chance, L.A. Banks, Lilith Saintcrow, Nancy Holder, P.N. Elrod, Rachel Vincent, Susan Krinard


Series: Anna Strong Chronicles #5.5, Cassandra Palmer World #6.5, Delilah Street Paranormal Investigator #5.5, Dorina Basarab #2.1, Epic of Palins #1.5, Midgard #0.5, Morgan Kingsley #5.5, Night Tracker #5.5, Shifters #6.5, Vampire Files: Jack Fleming, Weather Warden #8.5, Wildcats #0.5

Other books in this series include "Freeze Warning", "In Vino Veritas".

Other books by this author that I've reviewed include Hunter’s Prayer, Redemption Alley, Flesh Circus, Curse the Dawn, Heaven's Spite, Death's Mistress, The Demon's Librarian, Dead Man Rising, Steelflower, The Devil’s Right Hand, Saint City Sinners, To Hell and Back, Death's Excellent Vacation, Hunt the Moon, Dark and Stormy Knights, Angel Town, Hexed, Stray, Dark Descendant, The First Sin, Rogue, The Second Betrayal, , Forbidden Fantasies, Storm Watcher, Deadly Descendant, Aftertaste, Hex Appeal, Fire Watcher, An Apple for the Creature, "The Devil You Know", Cloud Watcher, Mindhealer, Fury's Kiss, "The Gauntlet", "The Queen's Witch", "House at Cobb End", The Temptation, Rogue Descendant, Midnight's Daughter, Claimed by Shadow, Touch the Dark, Embrace the Night, Tempt the Stars, "Freeze Warning", The Iron Wyrm Affair, The Red Plague Affair, "In Vino Veritas", The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, Updating Pritkin, Dark Watcher, Reap the Wind,, To Hell and Back, Black Ice.

Genres: Urban Fantasy

This Paperback has 349 pages and was published by Tor Books on June 7, 2011. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

An anthology of 13 stories with strong, independent, and intelligent heroines who are quite capable of solving their own problems and slaying their own dragons (or demons, as the case may be).


“Shiny” (Weather Wardens, 8.5)
In Vino Veritas” (Dorina Basarab, 2.5; Cassandra Palmer World, 6.5)
“Hunt” (Shifters, 6.5; Wildcats, 0.5)
“Vampires Prefer Blondes” (Vampire Files: Jack Fleming, xx.5)
“Nine-Tenths of the Law” (Morgan Kingsley, 5.5)
“Double Dead” (Night Tracker, 5.5)
“A Rose by Any Other Name Would Still be Red” (Epic of Palins, 1.5)
“Superman” (The Anna Strong Chronicles, 5.5)
“Monster Mash” (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, 2.1)
“Mist” (Midgard, 0.5)

The Stories

Rachel Caine‘s “Shiny” sees Joanne and David heading out for a drive on a lovely day with a picnic at its end only to be detoured by a Bugatti Veyron and a girl, er, djinn, in a diamond bikini.

Karen Chance‘s “In Vino Veritas” has Dory barely surviving a drinking bout of fae wine with Lord Cheung so she can avoid fighting a duel with him.

Rachel Vincent‘s “Hunt” ends with Abby Wade, having spent two summers training with Faythe, finding her courage when the memories of her own rape threaten to overwhelm as she watches the attack on her friends. Jace’s endorsement puts the seal on it.

Lilith Saintcrow‘s “Monsters” feels like an excerpt from a full-length story. And I WANT TO KNOW which one!! Eleni is a Preserver. A Preserver who has lost the children and their remarkable talents which she has been preserving for the future to a group of hunters. Well, turnabout is fair play, and Eleni goes hunting the hunters.

P. N. Elrod‘s “Vampires Prefer Blondes” has Bobbi on her own adventure as she is ending a singing tour and a group of overbearing men come pounding on her door looking for the right blonde. Seems the “right blonde”, Katie, became immune to her husband’s mesmerizing stare and learned the truth. A truth that sent her running for her life.

Jenna Black‘s “Nine-Tenths of the Law” is a scary indictment of religious zealots when parents look for any excuse to burn their oldest daughter to death. A demon has indeed illegally possessed the girl but only to save her HIV-infected life. Now Morgan and Barbara have to save her from her parents.

I haven’t read the Morgan Kingsley series but this story feels as though it could fit between 3 and 4 or 4 and 5.

Cheyenne McCray‘s “Double Dead” is an interesting group of characters from Night Trackers to Metamorphs based in New York City. In this story, Nyx Ciar has been kidnapped by Metamorphs and forced to reveal the location for a meeting of the Paranorm Council. An ignored branch of the supernatural family, the Metamorphs intend to kidnap and impersonate all but one member of the Council and get their revenge. Sounds like Nyx has a nice family group going.

Elizabeth A. Vaughan‘s “A Rose by Any Other Name Would Still be Red” is a walk in a fantastical history in which a mercenary, Red, is supposed to deliver a message and get out. Hey, this is a chick who kicks butt and what woman would want to pass up this opportunity to get illegally-held slaves released?

Jeanne C. Stein‘s “Superman” is a sad little story that has Anna encountering Matt who needs her help on a case. In spite of his dumping her and then hitting on other vamps, Anna agrees to help catch the coyote giving Matt grief.

Carole Nelson Douglas‘s “Monster Mash” is a fun look at Las Vegas and its need for the outrageous. In this story, Cesar Cicereau, the werewolf owner of the Gehenna Hotel, is plagued by an operatic soprano driving all his customers away. Turns out there’s a family issue among the CinSims which Cesar expects Delilah to fix for him. I’m curious to read more if only to find out more about Sansouci…he sounds pretty sexy to me.

L. A. Banks‘s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” is a different take on a human assassin turned into a vampire by her target whom she still manages to take out. In this world, when someone takes out a vamp, they inherit everything they owned including his vamps. None of whom are happy to be owned by Tanya. It’s okay, this wasn’t Tanya’s life plan either. At least, not until she meets Anastas.

Susan Krinard‘s “Mist” is an exploration of Norse legends: Ragnörak, Odhinn, Loki, weapons, and living in Midgard. Mist discovers that the dead-end life she’s been living in San Francisco isn’t so devoid of meaning. Now that the frost giants have returned and she discovers Eric’s perfidy.

Nancy Holder‘s “Beyond the Pale” is a different take on the Hunt and the Erl King and his true purpose in taking human children and replacing them with changelings. Interesting but a bit vague. Holder doesn’t give much away and some of it is darn confusing. When she shouts “trade” to the Erl King but then doesn’t trade anything when he responds. Too many questions left on this one.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a perfect graphic novel depiction of a hot chick with arms upraised and hands grasping something with light shooting out.

The title, “Chicks Kick Butt” is also perfect as every story is about a chick who don’t take no shit.

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