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Phantom Prospect (Rogue Angel, #27)Phantom Prospect by Alex Archer
Series: Rogue Angel, 27
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Twenty-seventh in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series focused on Annja Creed, a serious archeologist with a hosting job on a reality TV show where Annja tries to hold onto serious research as opposed to her fellow hostess’ T&A routine. Annja has also been “blessed” with a holy sword which once belonged to Joan of Arc.

The Story
Cole has invited Annja to join him on a shark research trip off the coast of Montauk when he gets a call from his brother, Hunter, on a treasure dive for the HMS Fantome carrying a load of booty from the raid on the White House back in 1814 off the coast of Nova Scotia. Seems a 40-foot great white bit one of their divers in half.

The treasure may include a crucifix that makes the wearer immortal.

Naturally, we expect that this is a paranormal adventure and instead it turns out to be rather mundane. If you can call an intelligent 40-foot shark mundane as it seems to target The Seeker and its crew.

It also seems there is a spy in either Garin or Roux’s camp…

The Characters
Annja Creed is the current guardian for the sword of Joan of Arc. This makes her a target for the bad guys and a savior of people in distress.

Cole Williams is fascinated by great whites and has been using his trust fund to finance his research as well as funding his brother, Hunter’s, hunt for sunken treasure.

My Take
Another fun adventure with Annja with an opportunity to learn about great white sharks. Rather fascinating if somewhat suicidal!!

The Cover
Standing aboard ship, Annja, with sword out, is framed by the open jaws of a great white shark.

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