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Bit the Jackpot (Vegas Vampires, #2)Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy
Series: Vegas Vampires, 2
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Second in the Vegas Vampires paranormal romance series.

The Story
While trying to discover Brittany’s dad’s name, Seamus falls in lust with a luscious stripper, Cara Kim, except that it’s so definitely the wrong time and the wrong place. Wannabe assassins are waiting on Seamus and Kelsey in the alley. The same alley that Cara steps out into. That she attempts to flee from only to be killed by an SUV pulling into the alley.

Seamus is too soft-hearted to simply leave Cara to her death; instead, he brings her over as a vampire, flying her home to the Ava. He wants her. It’s been 200 years since Seamus has made love to a woman. Besides he has to teach her the rules by which vampires live…doesn’t he?

The Characters
Seamus Fox is the campaign manager to Ethan Carrick, the residing President for the Vampire Nation. A bad experience 200 years ago has caused him to eschew women and it’s been a very long 200 years.

Cara Kim is a stripper working her way through veterinary school as well as paying the bills for her great-grandmother’s nursing home. She’s incredibly attracted to Seamus but, after watching the straits her mother went through after her father left…nuh-uh. She’s not interested in sex or love.

Ethan and Alexis Carrick are a married vampire couple (see High Stakes) with Ethan the current President of the Vampire Nation. Part of Ethan’s platform is that the half-mortal, half-vampire children in the world should be left alone. It would be easier to control the vampire population without unnecessarily adding to it. He also owns the Ava hotel and casino.

Kelsey is an 80-year-old vampire who is even-less-bright after her second death. Ethan continues to employ her as his secretary even if she does leave rainbow Post-Its all over his desk.

Donatelli is Ethan’s opponent for President. He wants to bring all the half-and-halfs over whether they agree or not. Donatelli has very few morals and has been trying to off Ethan for quite a while now. Ringo/Kyle is one of Donatelli’s assassins. A man he had killed when he had Kelsey drained to death. A man he turned into a vampire whom he keeps by his side by providing Ringo with drug-laced blood.

My Take
It’s cute. Nothing that will strain the old brain-pan but it is a sweet romance of the paranormal variety. An interesting and humorous exploration of the male-female dynamic.

The Cover
There’s a tempting poker player on this cover surrounded by piles of chips. As for the title, yeah, I reckon Cara felt like she had Bit the Jackpot in more ways than one.

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