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Hide and Seek (Sisterhood, #8) (Rules of the Game, #1)Hide and Seek (Sisterhood, #8) by Fern Michaels
Series: Sisterhood, 8
            Rules of the Game, 1
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eighth in the Sisterhood suspense series and the first of the Rules of the Game series for Charles Martin has gotten an inquiry from both Interpol and Scotland Yard.

The Story
Charles has been training the ladies for weeks in their mountain hideaway in Spain getting them ready for their next mission: protecting Jack, Harry, Lizzie, and Nellie. Then an unexpected gift lands in their laps. Four boxes of years-worth of secret copied files from AD Riley’s private office. The files he intends to use to frame the judge and the lawyers. Oh, yeah, baby…

The Characters
The Sisterhood is composed of women who mete out justice to those who believe themselves outside the law: Myra Rutledge; Annie, Yoko, Alexis, Isabelle, Kathryn, and Nikki. Now, they’ve gone just a bit too far and they had to escape the country. They feel they have one more job to do. To protect people they had to leave behind.

Charles Martin is a retired MI6 operative who fell in love with Myra. The Sisters agreed to accept Charles’ direction and he has placed his formidable network of contacts and expertise at their service.

Mitch Riley is the Assistant Director at the FBI and a major asshole. Just ask his wife, Alice. He’ll do anything to take down anyone who stands in his way.

Cornelia “Nellie” Easter is a federal judge who helped the “sisters” stay out of jail. Lizzie Fox is the “sisters” defense lawyer while Jack Emery was the prosecutor—and Nikki’s lover. Harry Wong is a martial arts expert in love with Yoko. Then there’s Agent Bert Navarro, one of the Gold Shield agents. One of theirs undercover at the White House working for the President.

Maggie Spritzer and Ted Robinson are the reporters who brought their last mission down around their heads.

My Take
This was fun reading how well the ladies put one over on the stuffy FBI. Especially that jerk, Riley. Not particularly suspenseful, Hide and Seek has more of a sense of college kids playing pranks and “sticking it to the Man”. I think Riley’s task force did some sticking of their own…I imagined them heading for home laughing over Riley’s shitty experience!

I’m going to go back and start this series from the beginning. It’s too much fun not too!

The Cover
The cover is absolutely lovely. And peaceful. I’m assuming the isolated house is Myra’s place which she gifted to Nellie. It’s late twilight with a two-story house surrounded by bare trees and a snow-covered ground. Very welcoming. The title does reflect the story with its need for a bit of Hide and Seek.

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