Book Review: Maggie Shayne’s An Enchanted Season

Posted September 6, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: Maggie Shayne’s An Enchanted Season

An Enchanted Season

by Erin McCarthy, Jean Johnson, Maggie Shayne, Nalini Singh


Series: Cuttersville, Murphy Sisters #1, Psy-Changeling #0.5

Other books in this series include Wild Invitation.

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Genres: Paranormal Romance, Short Stories

This Paperback has 341 pages and was published by Berkley on October 2, 2007. Discover more about it at Goodreads. You can also buy it at Amazon

An anthology of sweet, magical, romantic stories of love revolving around Christmas.


“Charlotte’s Web” (Murphy Sisters, 1)
“A Beat of Temptation” (Psy-Changeling, 3.5)

The Stories

Maggie Shayne‘s “Melting Frosty” is a sweet and miraculous set of “coincidences” and a proof of what life can bring when you open yourself to the possibilities. Matthew hates Christmas ever since his father died of a heart attack the day before Thanksgiving and his mother sold absolutely everything his father owned, including the black fedora. Holly’s parents and sister died in a car wreck that left Holly alive yet Holly cherishes Christmas and embraces life. And is it coincidence or fate which brings the two together?

Erin McCarthy‘s “Charlotte’s Web” brings best friends, unrequited lovers together in the run-up to Christmas. Only Bree, Charlotte’s sister, sees into both their hearts and pushes them into seeing the true love that exists between them.

Nalini Singh‘s “A Beat of Temptation” is a frustrated and somewhat angry confrontation between Nathan who loves Tamsyn but wants to give her the freedom he believes she deserves with the space to achieve it while Tamsyn slowly comes to believe that her love for him, her mate, is only returned by Nathan’s leopard, not the man. (While the official chronological timing is 3.5 in the series, be aware that this story begins only two years after Lucas’ parents are killed and ends 20 years later.)

Jean Johnson‘s “Gifts of the Magi” is such a loving, sweet story of an affianced couple struggling to keep the family inn above water when a blizzard strikes causing reservations to cancel. Their hope to make the mortgage and keep the inn is dying until gifts and miracles descend upon them. The love and friendships offered up see them through possible calamities, a birth, and the rediscovery of the deep love they have for each other.

The Cover and Title

The cover is like the stories. Joy accompanied by a sense of peace with its soft, hazy blue background and fanciful snowflakes drifting down. Like its title, the stories are indeed of An Enchanted Season.

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