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Master of Wolves (Mageverse, #5)Master of Wolves by Angela Knight
Series: Mageverse, 5
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifth in the Mageverse erotic paranormal-romance series revolving around the protectors of our world: the vampiric knights of the Round Table led by King Arthur. Oh, wait, he doesn’t like to be called “King”… This particular story is of the secret weapon, the Dire Wolves, left by Merlin and Nimue to act as a brake on the knights if they should get out of hand.

The Story
The murder of a childhood friend causes Jim London to act. There’s something odd going on in the Clarkston Police Department and he will find out what is happening. Unfortunately, the chief of police, knows Jim. Fortunately, Jim doesn’t need to retain human form.

Lucky Officer Weston! Someone has donated a drug-sniffing dog and Faith Weston just happens to be a K-9 handler. Damned lucky because who better than a Dire Wolf-slash-German shepherd, drug-sniffing dog to watch her back when someone has used a sex spell on most of the police officers in Clarkston twisting their will to hers. Someone who is not interested in the health and well-being of anyone but Celestine Gentry as she plots to steal one of two remaining black grails from the group of vampires from whom she broke away.

Poor Jim. There’s no one to watch his back as he falls in love with the so-very-sexy Faith Weston still reeling from the duplicity and rejection of her ex-husband.

The Characters
Well, there’s Faith Weston and her fellow cops. Cops who used to be warm and pleasant to be around. Who now view her with distrust and animosity. When they’re not hitting on her.

Then there’s Jim London, an artist and bounty hunter. Sent in by his Dire Wolf chieftain, Charlie, to discover what happened with Tony Shay and if whatever killed him is a threat to the rest of the Dire Wolves. Angry and frustrated, Jim is struggling to keep his identity and the secret of the Dire Wolves lest Charlie send out an assassin to “clean up” all witnesses. Including Faith.

Celestine Gentry is a magic-wielding vampire with visions of power dancing through her head. Abused as a child, she has used her rage to destroy all who have hurt her with the full and gleeful intention of hurting anyone who gets in her way. Everyone is merely a tool for her use.

Jim chooses to contact his sister, Diana, Queen of the Elves, in spite of Charlie’s refusal to allow her husband’s involvement. Getting the elves involved in this increasingly dangerous situation is liable to reveal the existence of the Dire Wolves to the Majae, a.k.a., Magekind, [the group term for the knights and their ladies].

Arthur and his knights are vampires. Turned when Merlin had his chosen few drink from the Grail and their genes twisted. The men became vampires, individually referred to as a Magus. The women became witches, or a Maja. As a group, they are the Magekind, the Majae. Merlin and Nimue ensured that each would need the other by twisting the women’s genetics so that their blood would build up certain properties required by the men. If the women did not donate their blood, they could “explode” to death.

My Take
I remember reading this, I must have forgotten to record it! I hate it when I do that! Although, I was quite pleased to have the opportunity to re-read Master of Wolves. Excellent story with lots of action in bed and on the streets with a strong taste of corrupt and/or cowardly assholes!

Knight has a clever idea using the concept of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as the protectors of mankind as her base for the Mageverse series. Naturally one needs the conflict of evil so having bad guy vampires and Dire Wolves keeps the action going on the streets. Her twist on turning them into vampires with the ladies as walking blood banks ensures an active sex life while creating a weakness…just to add a challenge to the mix.

In Master of Wolves, Jim is battling his cowardly chieftain, his own, doomed desire for Faith, and his need to achieve vengeance for his friend. Faith has her own issues, mostly the rejection and betrayal she experienced with her now ex-husband. She doesn’t trust any guy which creates some interesting problems for the gorgeous hunk who desperately wants her in his life. Somehow. Any how.

My one quibble with the story is Faith’s much too-easy acceptance of everything that happens. On the one hand, she is a cop and is probably pretty used to weird shit going down. On the other hand, she’s a cop and probably pretty skeptical of anything woo-woo…

The Cover
Oooh, pretty boy! I’ll assume that naked back and the facial profile is Jim with that huge tattoo of a wolf on his right bicep. The background is very Halloween-y with its bare branches in the light of a full moon. The title. Hmmm. Master of Wolves is certainly what Jim calls himself in his relationship with Faith, but Knight doesn’t actually do anything with it. A couple of references and that’s it.

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