Justin Anderson and Peter Parnell, And Tango Makes Three

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And Tango Makes ThreeAnd Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Story
This tale of two male penguins named Silo and Roy is true and after years of watching other penguin couples carefully tend their eggs, Silo and Roy very luckily got the chance to hatch their very own egg.

My Take
Well, it is a very cute story of two males who are a couple and get lucky enough to hatch and raise their own child. Unfortunately, there’s no drama to it. Anderson and Parnell could have made this a more interesting story and instead it is a very nice explanation of two members of the same sex being attracted to each other and being together.

There are some very nice watercolor illustrations throughout.

I would recommend it to anyone with children—or without!

The Cover
The cover is a pale pile of rocks with Roy and Silo happily posing with their baby chick, Tango who, naturally, makes three.

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