Book Review: Larissa Ione’s Sin Undone

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by Kathy Davie

Sin Undone (Demonica, #5)Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
Series: Demonica, 5
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fifth in the Demonica erotic paranormal-romance that normally revolves around the demon hospital, Underground General Hospital, located under New York City. This time, the hospital is mostly a stopping off point as Sin and Conall gate around the world attempting to stop the werewolf virus that Sin set off in Ecstasy Unveiled.

The Story
Ooh, Sin’s in trouble. Her humanity keeps peeking out and refusing to accept every assassination contract that comes through her den. Her assassins aren’t making as much money and they start to plot and plan against her. Even as Sin is forced to leave the safety of the den to aid Con in finding a cure and saving warg lives.

Oh yeah, and part of the cure requires Con to feed from Sin. It seems that when Sin and Con’s blood is mixed, it starts attacking the the virus. Eidolon wants Sin’s blood in Con so Sin can monitor how the mixed blood works to kill the SF virus (Sin Fever…yeah, Sin’s just real excited that they named it after her!). E’s hopeful that if Sin can see the blood kill the virus that she will be able to replicate the behavior and stop the plague.

That’s where the travel odyssey comes in. Sin and Con are to travel to all the virus hotspots and try to cure wargs. Now, if they can each fight the attraction each has for the other. And, if they can just escape all the assassins coming after her. Seems there are a lot of factions just dying to get rid of her. And a few that wouldn’t mind Con’s discontinued existence… The warg council. The turned wargs. Sin’s own assassins. A few ex-lovers…

The Characters
Sin is Lore’s twin sister, a half-human, half-demon succubus with an arm that can incite disease in anyone she touches. She’s inherited Detharu’s assassin den and cannot be deposed until someone kills her and takes Deth’s ring. Fortunately, as long as she stays in the den or inside UGH, no one can touch her.

Conall is one of UGH’s EMTs and a dhampire exiled from his clan hundreds of years ago. Seems Con’s picked up on that warg virus Sin started.

Luc is another EMT but as a warg, he’s susceptible to the virus and Eidolon has isolated all werewolf employees until they can get a handle on the plague. A good news-bad news situation as Luc has a sweet little cabin in Canada with some built-in safety precautions that help Kar [Passion Unleashed] when the Guardian shows up needing help and protection from her own people but creates a problem when the Turned and born wargs show up to do battle up in all that isolation.

My Take
Oh, boy. This one is complicated. It’s like Ione was determined there would only be this last book for the series and she was gonna cram it all in and tidy it all up. The dhampires require Con to forsake the world and return to his clan to rule and breed. Amongst the wargs, there is major conflict between the born and the turned. With one warg in particular eager to get his way no matter who he has to hurt. Luc has his revelation with Kar. And Eidolon finds his vaccine in the most unlikely spot.

Then there’s the conflict between Con and Sin. He hates her. He wants her. She wants him. But she refuses to be owned by anyone. Between them, they have to discover just what being in love is all about and how ownership just isn’t the same. It’s a shame that realization comes so late.

I do love the crazy interaction between the siblings. Think of guys after a really intense game of, oh, say, touch football, all jazzed up on adrenaline and power combined with locker room antics and how guys slang off each other. You can’t help but laugh…and be grateful you have a removed seat to all the action!

Ione is setting us up for the series that follows this one, Lords of Deliverance with Eternal Rider as the kick off installment.

The Cover
Yeah, I’ll bite! It’s definitely a Con and Sin cover. He’s got her by the arms in a hold that is both desire and conflict while Sin has this teasing look on her face of…hmmm, maybe… As for the title, oh yeah, Sin is definitely Undone.

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