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A Werewolf in Manhattan (Wild About You #1)A Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Wild About You, 1
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First in the Wild About You paranormal-romance series revolving around the Wallace werewolf pack based in New York City.

The Story
This is so not a good idea. Aidan Wallace is already attracted to Emma Gavin. She smells so good. She’s smart. She is, oh, so attractive. And she knows just a little too much about werewolves. Aidan has been ordered to find out where she’s getting her information and he intends to stick to her like glue. But, oh, he should not be attracted to a human!!

A drink, a few dances, and he’s convinced she is simply a very intelligent, intuitive woman…who smells really great. Then the threatening email appears. Seems someone out there is taking her knowledge of werewolves a little too seriously. That’s a risk that can’t be waved off. It could be a crank. It could be a rogue. Nothing that imperils the secret existence of werewolves can be allowed. Seems little Emma Gavin will need a bodyguard on her book tour after all. A role Aidan is both pleased and terrified to fulfill.

The Characters
Emma Gavin has a successful career as a writer of werewolf romance fiction. Her love life? Not so successful. And that independent streak of hers could cost her everything.

Aidan Wallace is the son and heir to the Wallace business empire as well as the future pack alpha. His life has been scripted out for him right down to his marrying Nadia Henderson, crown princess of the Henderson Pack in Chicago. Getting too deeply involved with a human is taboo and his younger brother, Roarke, does not hesitate to point out his poor judgment.

My Take
The first sign of a beach read: very little depth and a fun read. I did enjoy the banter between Emma and Aidan their last night in Chicago:

“‘Don’t you dare fall for me, Aidan.’
‘I can’t.’
‘I can’t fall for you, either.’
‘I definitely won’t. I’m only here for the sex.’
‘Yeah.’ His voice was husky. ‘Me, too.’

As for the exposure bit, I think Emma is unrealistic. Why can’t the weres simply proofread her books and suggest changes to help keep their secrets? It’s reasonable. In fact, it’s more than reasonable. Then the binding ceremony. A few words and it’s done? No one felt anything? OK, I know it’s summertime reading and therefore shallow, but this was just invisible!

That said, I am looking forward to reading Werewolf in the North Woods.

The Cover
The cover is a winter sketch with a woman, legs crossed, sitting on a bench in Central Park, water and an arched bridge behind her as a wolf howls at the moon in the background. Shades of gray and pink with a slash of green in the bench and a splash of pink in her scarf and tote. The cover accurately conveys the lighthearted nature of the story of a pack of werewolves and, in particular, one certain Werewolf in Manhattan.

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