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Lethal Justice (Revenge of the Sisterhood #6)Lethal Justice by Fern Michaels
Series: Sisterhood, 6
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sixth in the Sisterhood vengeance-suspense series set in Washington D.C.

The Story
It’s Alexis Thorne’s turn for her revenge. A few years back, her bosses, Roland Sullivan and Arden Gillespie, set Alexis up by draining her clients’ accounts and making it look as though she had embezzled it. That she embezzled with glee from retirees. Alexis spent a year in jail, lost her license, and, worse, her reputation.

Now, it’s her turn to destroy Rolly and Arden’s reputation and destroy their lives. Myra’s old friend, Anna de Silva, steps up to help out using her money and reputation to sucker the two brokers in.

The Characters
In the meantime, Yoko meets Harry Wong, Jack’s friend, at the Asian grocery store and plays him for days and days before finally granting him a date. Ted Robinson and Maggie Spritzer are off again, on again as they try to get the goods on the Pinewood girls until finally they take it too far and pay for it in unexpected ways.

Anna Ryland de Silva, Countess de Silva, is one of Myra and Cornelia Easter’s oldest friends. After the death of her family in a boating accident some 15 years ago, Anna holed up in her mountaintop monastery estate in Spain and retreated from the world.

My Take
This is one of my least favorite installments. Yes, I loved that those two got paid back for what they did to Alexis. I feel a little bad for Roland as he still loved his wife and wanted his family but he made the choices…and continued to make the choices to leave them by the wayside. The part I disliked was that the whole scam was just too simplistic and the punishment just wasn’t enough—I know, contradictory!

Why is it that Yoko and the girls all think it’s so funny that Harry is so in love that he calls her 37 times in a few days? That she completely ignores him and laughs about it. That she thinks it’s mysterious? Just seems mean to me.

I’m hoping I can just get through this series. I love the concept of justice, true justice. It’s just so hard to read through such simplistic writing. I’m not going to go off on it…I feel like I’ve been a bit obsessive… I’m giving it a 3…hmmm…why that much??? I guess I’m trying to compensate for my pissiness…

The Cover
Another garden-worn hand with a great manicure holding a spray of lovely purple orchids against a green to black radial gradation. The title, Lethal Justice, seems appropriate. The girls were certainly lethally cruel….snicker… even if a bit juvenile in the punishment. I do love how they use the money they “acquire” at the end of each mission. It’s such a lovely thing to do!

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