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Free Fall (Sisterhood, #7)Free Fall by Fern Michaels
Series: Sisterhood, 7
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seventh in the Sisterhood vengeance-suspense series about a group of women seeking justice outside the courts.

The Story
It’s a year later and, at last, it’s Yoko’s turn and, oh, boy, it is truly awful. Yoko wants vengeance against her own father. The man who has made it a twice-a-year practice to visit third world countries to buy very young virgins. Some for his personal use; the rest he sells to sick perverts just like himself. It was Yoko’s mother’s fate. Purchased along with her sisters, Suki became pregnant and managed to give birth to Yoko who was stolen away by escapees. Not allowed to recover from childbirth, Suki was put back on the circuit where she quickly died.

All the women were never cared for but simply passed around until they died. Now, Yoko wants him to lose everything good that he has achieved. She wants him exposed for his past actions—preferably at the Academy Awards.

Everything is working but the reporters, Ted and Maggie are back. Fed up with New York City, they’ve returned and are working hard to bring down the ladies of Pinewood.

The Characters
The ladies (Myra, Nikki, Kathryn, Yoko, Alexis, and Isabelle) formally welcome Annie to the group taking Julia’s place.

Charles calls in favors all over the world pulling together the information about Michael Lyons and his core group of “investors”. Movers and shakers who are about to have their worlds moved and shaken.

My Take
The same as the earlier installments. Trite, juvenile writing which ends this particular series in preparation for the start of Rules of the Game.

The Cover
It’s another floral cover. A white lily gently clasped between two hands as though in supplication against a royal blue to black radial gradation. I’m guessing that the title refers the ending when the vigilantes go into Free Fall.

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