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Simple Gifts: Just Curious / Miracles / Change of Heart / Double Exposure (Westmoreland, #3.5)Simple Gifts: Just Curious / Miracles / Change of Heart / Double Exposure by Judith McNaught
Series: Just Curious, Taggert, 4.5
            Miracles, Westmoreland, 4
            Double Exposure, Foster Sisters, 1
            Change of Heart, Taggert, 4.6

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An anthology of four stories about love at Christmas time.

Be aware that this exact package is also available in the anthology, A Gift of Love, while Change of Heart and Double Exposure are also combined in A Holiday of Love.

I wonder if every Christmas they simply plan to release this same lineup under a new collective title? These authors’ Christmas gifts must get expensive…

The Stories

Jude Deveraux’s Just Curious finds Karen Lawrence in an informal internship at Mac Taggert’s company learning everything she can about running a corporation. Having sold her half of her deceased husband’s share of the hardware store, Karen intends to open her dream baby store. Only, Karen gets sidetracked one Christmas when she encounters her cold, womanizing boss and gets hired to be his date for a matrimonial weekend. Very cute and sweet. I loved how smart Karen was about business and that she put it out there. Also in A Gift of Love.

Judith McNaught’s Miracles is a cute historical romance about Nicki du Ville and Juliana. Nicki just wants to play the field while Juliana is more interested in escaping her scheming mother and pursuing her writing career. While it was rather simplistic, it was cute. Also in A Gift of Love.

Jude Deveraux’s Change of Heart is another Taggert but with the older brother, Frank. He had a thaw in his frozen exterior two years ago when he became friends with the brilliant and very young Elijah Harcourt. Now Frank has had his wake-up call with that broken arm. His billions aren’t going to cry one tear if he dies. Another cute one. I’d better put Deveraux on my reading list. Also in A Gift of Love and A Holiday of Love.

Judith McNaught’s Double Exposure is a sweet tale of redemption. Of teen love finally being rewarded when Foster Living magazine receives an offer to photograph a dream wedding in Newport, Rhode Island. An unexpected reunion for Corey Foster with the love of her life, Spence Addison. I just love the idea of the Fosters’ philosophy and magazine. Like Martha Stewart’s Living but with warmth and a sense of family. Also in A Gift of Love and A Holiday of Love.

The Cover

The cover is perfect. A white background with a red satin ribbon rising up the left side and across the top meeting in a bow in the upper left corner with a gift tag attached reading Simple Gifts with its implication of “for us”.

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