Book Review: Lexi George’s Demon Hunting in Dixie

Posted December 5, 2011 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lexi George’s Demon Hunting in DixieDemon Hunting in Dixie by Lexi George
is a Paranormal Romance
This edition was published by Brava on May 1, 2011 in paperback and has 349 pages.

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First in the Demon Hunter paranormal-romance series.

My Take

Well, it’s essentially two really hot guys who are clueless about Earth/American culture who fall in love with two ladies in a small town in the Deep South in Alabama. I can’t decide if the story is supposed to be a joke or if it’s just plain bad. Think up every cliché

you can imagine about the South and it’s in here. I think it’s supposed to be funny.

It is rather funny to watch the contortions Addy goes through trying to explain Brand and Ansgar’s 24/7 presence in town and around her.

I did like the bit about how gentlemen try to help ladies who have something stuck in their throats to get it out:

“‘Mama, what’s that man doing to that lady?’

‘She’s got something stuck in her throat, Little Will, He’s trying to get it out.’

‘With his tongue? Yuck, grown-ups are weird…You ever get something caught in your mouth like that, Mama?’

‘Course not, Little Will. Don’t be silly.’

‘Then how come I saw Mr. Lucas sticking his tongue in your mouth down at the hardware store last Saturday? You want me to tell Daddy? Maybe he can help you get it out?’

George does have a number of funny scenes throughout such as the one where Brand and Ansgar get drunk on chocolate. It’s just that they’re connected with such lame ones as well.

The Story

A late night run with her dog Dooley leaves Addy Corwin vulnerable to demons while Brand, a Dalvahni demon slayer, is feeling the need to protect her. It’s totally wrong of course. Of which his fellow demon slayer, Ansgar, is quite willing to remind him. Frequently. But Brand is too far in lust to listen.

It’s not enough that Addy has all this man-drama goin’ on but Dwight Farris’ funeral is producing a lot of drama of its own with the fight between his widow and his girlfriend over who gets to keep the weenie his wife whacked off.

The drama ratchets up when dead men start walking and they’re tracking Addy right through the Goober Gala with its celebration of all things peanut. And just when Addy thinks she’s safe, the djegrali comes after her again.

The Characters

Addy Corwin owns the only floral shop in town as her brother, Shep, owns the only funeral home. Dooley is her dog while Brand somehow lands her with Mr. Fluffy, a fairy cat. Her best friend, Evie, is a sweet and curvaceous woman who creates homemade soaps and bath salts. Together they have a common enemy — the Death Starr, oops, I mean Meredith Starr Peterson, town bitch.

Brand and Ansgar are Dalvahni, demon slayers. They have lived 10,000 years focused entirely on their chosen path, their emotions bled off through sex thralls.

Muddy is Addy’s great-aunt, Edmuntina, who sold her floral shop to Addy and in whose house Addy is staying. Mr. Collier is the town crazy as well as the town drunk. Only. It turns out he had some good reasons for how he turned out. Turns out he’s not so crazy either! Poor Shep is in bad shape. His wife, Marilee, has run off with the tennis instructor and lied to her kids and family about it. As for the funeral home, Shep felt he had no choice but to run it when their dad died. At least. Not until Lenora came along. Ah, Lenora. A thrall who makes Shep feel so damn good.

Bitsy Corwin is Addy’s mama and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manners and expectations; she’s seeing the town’s police chief Carl E. Davis. Her main ambition in life appears to be marrying her daughter off.

The Cover and Title

The cover looks like a humid night in Dixie with all those wisps of fog floating around Addy in her sexy red halter dress, a full moon over her right shoulder while Brand looks on.

The title is very accurate as eventually they do get on with some Demon Hunting in Dixie.


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