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by Kathy Davie

Run to Me (Last Chance Rescue, #3)Run to Me by Christy Reece
Series: Last Chance Rescue, 3
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Third in the Last Chance Rescue romance suspense series revolving around the operatives of Last Chance Rescue (LCR) based in Paris and operating all over the world. The couple focus is on Ethan Bishop and Shea Monroe.

My Take
What kind of man actually wants to surround himself with robots? Rosemount actually misses having someone around to listen to him prattle on about his day and worship him without judgment. To curl up and be his pet. To have no meaningful conversation. Yuck.

It’s certainly a lesson in making sure that someone knows where are you going and what your plans are…you know, backup. Whether it’s for the next few hours or the next few weeks.

Sometimes I wonder how we survive as a race. All the guilt some take on when it isn’t deserved. The guilt some never feel. The cruelties some will practice on others balanced by the decency of still others. It’s interesting that the minority who hurt people have a greater impact on the world than the decency practiced by the majority.

Poor Donald. His kitten is missing and he isn’t getting the attention he craves. Business will suffer for a bit. Poor Donald. I’d like to stitch him up with an AK and watch him die very slowly…poor Donald. The creepy little schmuck.

Okay, Shea is irritating me. Sure, I can understand her frustration with not being allowed out for fear of Rosemount finding and taking her again. Which is why I do NOT understand why she keeps insisting on being allowed out anyway. Hullo! Even if it takes a year, wouldn’t it be safer to simply view the restrictions as a vacation? An opportunity to reconnect with friends. To simply enjoy having a life in which you can make at least some free choices? Okay, so she doesn’t get to go to the mall…big whoop. Is it worth a trip to Starbucks or a restaurant to being imprisoned and having your entire self subjugated?? Can anyone say NetFlix, Skype, Internet, delivery??

Whoa…that was unexpected. Cole and Shea’s marriage. The truth behind it.

Rosemount is just weird. It’s like he’s collecting his own zoo except that he wants perfect specimens of zombie-like men and women. I think he’s still trying to gain power over his parents by putting everyone in his power.

Snicker…Rosemount has surrounded himself with robot zombies for too long. He’s forgotten that real people think, feel independently.

And we’re being set up for Cole’s prospective romance…

The Story
Only, Rosemount gets the drop on Shea. She’s tied down to a bed, tortured, injected daily with a drug designed to eliminate free will and emotions. It’s the surveillance cameras in shopping malls and streets that find her. Bring her to Noah’s attention.

Shea has been turned. She’s one of the bad guys kidnapping people. The last person anyone would have thought to go bad. And Noah’s hoping that she is only in deep cover. A chance to kill two birds with one stone by getting Ethan Bishop to go after her. Rescue her.

Rescue two birds with one stone.

The Characters
Ethan Bishop has quit Last Chance Rescue and isolated himself on his Tennessee retreat. Between the drunk-driving accident that resulted in prison time, the death of the woman he loved, his own injuries, the loss of his sports career, and shoving Shea away from him, Ethan is a mess.

After Cole’s death, Shea Monroe shut down, but now she’s back and she wants revenge for his death. She wants to take down the man behind it all.

Cole Mathison died in an explosion on the last op Ethan led. Now he’s reborn as other.

Noah McCall heads up Last Chance Rescue. He’s married now to Samara and she’s pregnant. Agents include Gabriel Maddox who has just discovered his ex is still his wife as she never signed the divorce papers and Jamie, a young recruit with a big ego in the outer circle.

Dr. Lawrence Norton is one “of LCR’s leading physicians” and he’s in charge of Shea’s recovery. Of her health, her free will, her emotions, and her memories. Dr. Karen Greyson is attempting to use hypnosis to access Shea’s evaporating memories. Jolene is a nurse at the LCR medical facility where Shea is being cared for.

Donald Rosemount is a pissy little man whose high IQ makes him think he’s above everyone else. He sells people, kidnaps to order, and finances research into drugs that control people to the point that they have no free will, no memory. He gets his sexual jollies from watching people being hurt or killed. He’s a child who has never matured into a real man. Victor is one of his men. Trained to know his place. Raphael is a new recruit who is not quite trained to absolute obedience. Dr. Richard Kline was censured for conducting unauthorized experiments; now, he’s working for Rosemount on his drugs.

Maybe instead of censure, doctors and scientists like him need an e-leash… Or, maybe we could exile all people like him, people who like to hurt others on their own island, and they can all play with each other instead of preying on the innocent.

The Cover
The cover is a burgundy chiffon ripped in a shallow V to reveal a very dark red silhouette of a couple looking into each other’s eyes against a light red background. The title is also in red glowing in white.

The title is Ethan’s dream of Shea. He wants her back. He wants her to Run to Me.

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