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Citadel: Troy Rising IICitadel: Troy Rising II by John Ringo
Series: Troy Rising, 2
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second in the military sci-fi series, Troy Rising, Citadel continues the buildup of the battlemoon, Troy. It won its first battle against the Horvath in Live Free or Die, now we’ll find out how well it can defend Earth against the Rangorans.

My Take
I do love Vernon Tyler. He’s the kind of multibillionaire the world wants. More concerned with defending Earth and protecting its people than the bottom line, he still becomes mega-ultra-rich—so take that corporate America! I just love his end-runs around the Establishment…too funny. And so satisfying.

Ringo writes with such a gleeful hand! Even in the midst of all the carnage, he gives you something to laugh about or at whether he’s poking fun at the military power structure, corporate greed, or political idiocy. Part of the fun is in his creation of a completely different alien culture and then using it to contrast with our “stupid” behavior. A behavior that sees us win! In between the technical debates over computer tech or weaponry, he creates everyday characters you want to meet. I do love the drama he stirs up amongst them! It’s so real!

I do not get the title however. Other than it’s the name of a military establishment, I just can’t find its relevance to the story.

I eagerly await Hot Gate’s publication!

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