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Vixen (Inspector Brant, #5)Vixen by Ken Bruen
Series: Inspector Brant, 5
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifth in the Inspector Brant crime series set in London around a small group of coppers.

My Take
The thing I like about this series is the realism. It’s brutal. It’s short and to the point. It’s fascinating. Bruen has created a small cast of cops in a London suburb who range from young and eager to old and…oh man…mean, stupid, realistic. There’s a line that most cops would probably empathize with “He’s the public—they never mean well.”

Bruen includes a quote from other authors at the start of each chapter that resonate with the contents of this series. Be sure to read them.

His characters are real with all the problems that cops have to face everyday. With all the psychological issues that come with those problems—the weaknesses, the strengths. The lousy coping mechanisms. The bigotry. Porter’s jerk of a dad. Andrews’ jerk of a mother.

Hmmm, I wanna try the Club Milks trick…

Oh, oh, I love it! Ellen Dunne, attorney for the defense, “darling of the Left and the scourge of the Met” is so hot to trot to defend her precious client, only to realize when her precious client tells her how to twist the woman she’s poisoning into lying to cover up what she did…LOL. Ellen makes a quick exit—stage left!

Oh, that ending! I love the windfall, but I don’t understand why she’d share the wealth with McDonald…?

The Story
It’s a great trick that Angie learned in prison. Claim you’ll set off a bomb unless you get paid. Start small and build your way up. Then set up the frame. On a cop. On your partners.

The Characters
Sergeant Brant is rather calm in this story, even with his new snitch, Caz. Chief Inspector Roberts seems to be “returning to the fold”. He’s sold his house and is off the sauce. For the most part. The gay Sergeant Porter Nash is still in charge, but it’s one phone call that tips his health over the edge.

WPC Falls is on the downhill slide, but it’s really not her fault in this installment. It’s circumstances. And, okay, she probably shouldn’t be drinking… It’s thanks to Detective Inspector Bob Nelson that she got into rehab, kicked the coke. Unfortunately for Nelson, Falls wants nothing more to do with him. WPC Andrews is new meat and it’s Falls’ job to introduce her to the job. Now, if Andrews would just listen…

PC McDonald‘s approach could well be the death of him. And in many ways, it could be the best thing for everyone. Superintendent Brown is an idiot and has really stuck his foot in his mouth this time!

Angie is the brains of the outfit. And probably the most sociopathic. Ray and Jimmy are brothers; he’s the smart one, Jimmy’s a bit more simple. Well, of the two. As part of this last plan, Jimmy gets a job and he’s enjoying it. He likes the camaraderie and wants to keep the job.

The Cover
The cover is a contrast in brights versus pastels, graphic versus softness. A woman in a sexy bra sits smoking a cigarette, the glowing lamp behind her casting her in shadow while a bright yellow band with the author’s name separates her from the bright red bottom that showcases the title in black.

The title itself is about a vicious criminal in this installment. A Vixen in truth. Sexy. Bitch. Violently spiteful.

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