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Labyrinth (Rogue Angel)Labyrinth by Alex Archer
Series: Rogue Angel, 34
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thirty-fourth in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series revolving around the wielder of Joan of Arc’s sword.

My Take
Oh boy, oh boy, oh…brother…that ending twist…oh, boy.

Yeahhhh, I have to agree with Annja, there’s something odd about this maze. I can’t believe Kessel didn’t figure out that Greene would have the maze bugged.

Cocky, much… Oh, please, Archer has Greene expressing remorse? Why?

Seriously? Annja really thought she would be forgiven?? Then hanging around to kiss? WTF? Hullo, it’s Annja’s thirty-fourth adventure (that we’ve read about) and Kessel is a Navy SEAL and they never learned the cardinal rule about hanging around in the bad guy’s space?

The Story
Annja’s finally got some downtime and this Mike Jackson is sorely impinging on it. Fortunately, he doesn’t interrupt for long. Unfortunately, it’s not a positive departure for him. It seems that Greene requires a certain book, the Tome of Prossos, that survived the destruction of the Library in Alexandria. A book that he believes will force the world back to a cleaner, more pristine time.

But the dealer who owns the book refuses to give it up and, instead, demands a meeting with Annja Creed. Greene doesn’t give Annja ANY options to refuse—he shows absolutely no reluctance to shoot anyone who may help her, anyone he can destroy and force her to reverse her refusals, and, besides, he won’t give Fairclough the antidote to the poison if Annja doesn’t agree.

The Characters
Annja Creed is an archeologist and TV show host for Chasing History’s Monsters. A show to which she attempts to bring some sense of accuracy. She’s also the holder of Joan of Arc’s sword and it requires that she right the wrongs she encounters.

Scott Greene is an environmental terrorist on the lunatic fringe. Jonas has medical skills, especially with toxins, and a fervent desire to experiment on people. NOT to their good health. Kessel is his mute associate. And undercover with the FBI. A former SEAL, he’s makes a good partner on this adventure. Kozumi is a Japanese ninja hired to harass.

Reginald Fairclough is the reluctant client, a seller of old books.

The Cover
The cover finds a ripped and torn Annja wielding her sword two-handed in her trademark tank top and pants against the background of a labyrinth.

The title is accurate as Annja must solve the puzzles that a Labyrinth provides to find the book.

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