Book Review: Maya Banks’ Undone By Her Tender Touch

Posted August 23, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Maya Banks’ Undone By Her Tender Touch

Undone By Her Tender Touch


Maya Banks

contemporary romance that was published by Harlequin on May 1, 2012 and has 194 pages.

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Fourth and last in the Pregnancy & Passion romance series revolving around four business partners who are also friends. The couple focus is on Pippa Laingley and Cameron Hollingsworth.

My Take

It’s okay. A very typical Harlequin romance with loving, caring friends and an idiot man.

I do like Banks’ premise in this story: Never settle for less and don’t be afraid to go after what you want. If only she hadn’t also thrown in the clichés in which Pippa changes her mind so easily and quickly. Sure, anyone is entitled to change their mind. Man or woman. However, I’d like something with more depth. Of course, that’s not what the Harlequin romance series is about and it’s wrong of me to expect more. I think it’s simply that I had expectations in reading a Maya Banks story and I’m disappointed.

Okay, so three waiters don’t show up. Why doesn’t Pippa call the agency and get them to send more people? What caterer, pinning such hopes on a new gig, would abandon the party?

I do love the scene where Cam sneaks into the spa and takes over her massage.

Don’t get me wrong. It is a sweet story about love and pregnancy and wanting what’s best for your child. And, yes, I will probably seek out the first three stories in this series because I wanna know… I am such a sucker for a romance.

The Story

Pippa Laingley is about to make her bakery and catering dream come true, but one passion-filled night with Cameron Hollingsworth is about to crash it down about her ears.

The Characters

Pippa Laingley has a loving circle of friends and a fabulous substitute mother to replace her own selfish life-provider. Sylvia, Carly, Ashley, and Tabitha are those friends. Miranda is Pippa’s utterly selfish mother.

Cameron Holllingsworth lost too much when Elise and Colton died and he refuses to take a another chance. John is an assistant? butler? to Cam; he’s also assigned to drive Pippa anywhere she wants or needs to go.

Ashley Carter is pregnant and one of Pippa’s best friends (Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss, 3). It’s her housewarming that Pippa is catering. Devon is her madly-in-love husband and also one of Cam’s best friends as well as his business partner. Gloria and William Copeland are Ashley’s warm and loving parents.

Rafael de Luca and Ryan Beardsley are the other two business partners. Bryony is married to Rafael (Enticed by His Forgotten Lover, 1) and they have a daughter, Amy; Kelly is married to Ryan (Wanted by Her Lost Love, 2) and they also have a daughter, Emma.

The Cover and Title

The cover is obviously a generic cover that Harlequin tossed onto this book as it doesn’t have much of anything to do with this story. Well, okay, yes. There is a man, a woman, and a bed in this story, but I wouldn’t count on any other similarities showing up.

I haven’t a clue where the title came from. Especially when it’s Pippa’s aggressiveness that Cam seems to like so much.