Book Review: Katie MacAlister’s You Slay Me

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Book Review: Katie MacAlister’s You Slay Me

You Slay Me

It is part of the , series and is a on September 7, 2004 and has 334 pages.

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First in the Aisling Grey, Guardian / Dragon Septs urban fantasy / paranormal romance series revolving around Aisling, a woman who has no idea of her true destiny. This story is set in Paris.

My Take

I’m not really sure why I’m giving it a “3”. It probably should be a “2” except that I’m intrigued by Drake’s avariciousness. He can’t keep away from her. She’s his mate. A woman he has waited centuries for and he still wants to be paid to save her?? I’m curious to see how well she keeps this up and how Aisling gets around it.

As for Aisling. Oh, brother. What a drama queen. Another heroine whose death I wouldn’t object to. She is such a dip. She spends so much time chanting about her uncle’s strictures about security, she forgets to actually pay attention to those around her and she leaps into situations with wild abandon. She certainly isn’t using her head. Ooh, maybe, we could use her head…to bash ’em. Although, to be fair, Aisling is aware enough to pick up on that door opening in her head and she is very willing to try some of her new gifts. If only she’d remember them more often. Duhhh, dead man’s ash in a Wiccan’s workroom?? Surely Aisling has had some exposure to Wiccan beliefs with all the reading she’s done?? She simply walks into Fiat Blu’s lair??

Yeah, Aisling could do with some QuantumThink here… And if she slowed the pace a bit, she might have the time to think.

Oh, yeah, I’m in a foreign country and feel this terrible foreboding. Naturally, I walk right on in.

What is with these heroines who allow their libido to take over all common sense? Have I been missing the great lover of my life?? ‘Cause, dang, I’d love to be so attracted to a gorgeous guy in a terrifying, bloody, and scary situation, that I can think of nothing but jumping his bones. Or vice versa.

MacAlister’s main protagonist has a split personality — intelligent while at the same time incredibly stupid. I have to wonder if this is how Aisling has always conducted her life. She’s remarkably accepting of this new side of the world to which she’s exposed. And, for all her demoniacal research, she’s also remarkably ignorant and seemingly content to remain so.

I did enjoy the introduction/protection MacAllister set up for Aisling when Drake tested her at the G & T. It certainly laid out the ground rules very clearly. Then there’s Drake’s total arrogance about his acquisitions program whether it’s through the auspices of Interpol or Aisling’s assignment. Crack me up!

The Story

Aisling is desperate to keep this job. The one that blows up in her face with the murder of her client and this new world into which she falls. One in which everyone else knows what is occurring as she stumbles and lurches with the help of a few allies.

Trusting all the wrong people and much too susceptible to Drake’s sensuality, Aisling is so busy breaking in and issuing challenges that she simply keeps falling into one disaster after another.

The Characters

Aisling Grey is a courier for her Uncle Damian‘s company, Bell & Sons. The judge in her divorce has required that she pay maintenance to her beach bum of an ex- and Aisling really needs this job. Beth is Uncle Damian’s secretary and her best friend. Effrijim “Jim” is the demon Aisling’s cut rate supplies conjures up; his lord, Amaymon, recently kicked him out. Which makes her, officially, a demon lord. A big black Newfoundland who falls in love with Cecile, prefers a swankier address, is forced into wearing drool bibs, and just lives for licking his nether regions. Talk about comic relief! His voyeurism when it comes to Aisling and Drake’s encounters is a crack up.

Drake Vireo claims to be with Interpol. In truth, he’s an extremely arrogant green wyvern, the leader of the green dragon sept based in Hungary with a home in Paris. And Aisling’s mate. A concept about which she hasn’t a clue. Pál Eszes and István Vadas are some sort of bodyguards.

Rene is the taxi driver in Paris who is charmed by her terrible accent and offers her a great deal. Then offers her yet another great deal! Inspector Jean-Baptiste Proust is the head of the criminal investigation department in Paris and is in charge of this series of murders. He seems a most practical and intelligent man.

Amelie Merllain owns the occult shop where Aisling gets her spell supplies and honest help. It’s her corgi, Cecile, who intrigues Jim. Mme Aurora Deauxville is a wanna-be mage to whom Aisling is supposed to be delivering the Anima de Lucifer, one of the Tools of Bael.

Ophelia is Perdita‘s twin and they both follow Wicca; Perdita is the Venediger’s second. Although, I don’t think it’s a version any Wiccans would recognize. Fiat Blue is the blue wyvern and Renaldo is his bodyguard.

Guardians are in charge of a portal, watching for unusual activity and sending back inhabitants of the dark world who cross over. Or preventing it in the first place. Portals are not assigned; instead, they find their Guardian. Goety and Theury (Black and White Magic), a.k.a., the G & T, is a club and neutral ground for all beings and entities. It’s run by the Venediger, the most powerful mage in France and acts as a policeman for the magical world. Albert Camus is his mortal name. Bafamal is the demon who keeps showing up everywhere.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a red background and, appropriately, a cartoonish pair of figures — a blonde Aisling in a short, short black dress entering a café door behind which a green dragon is hiding

I’m guessing that the title, You Slay Me is supposed to be humorous and refer to laying Drake out in the aisle with respect to Aisling. That or there’s a Saint George in her family tree.