Book Review: Terry Goodkind’s Faith of the Fallen

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Book Review: Terry Goodkind’s Faith of the Fallen

Faith of the Fallen

on August 2001 and has 785 pages.

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Sixth in the Sword of Truth fantasy series revolving around Richard Rahl, the Seeker of Truth.

My Take

I almost stopped reading this series shortly into this story. It was just so awful what was happening to Richard and Kahlan. But I persevered because I’m so stubborn and, obviously, into masochism for the brain!

Goodkind has got one helluv’an imagination.

If Nicci is supposed to be so smart, how can she possibly have lived this long and not realized how stupid her mother’s and her friends’ ideas were? How could she have made it through childhood without realizing who stupid they were? Her mother is another reason why I think parents should be licensed to have children.

I am disappointed with Goodkind and how he brings Nicci to an understanding of her past and the way she thinks. He’s so amazingly evocative of the beliefs instilled in her by her mother and Nicci’s parroting of them and then he has her so incredibly clueless about cause and effect. The way her understanding of the truth unfolds is too fast. She “saw the statue” and now understands how wrong she was?? I wish he had her questioning her own beliefs instead of just having her be angry about Richard’s arrest.

Zedd is impressed that Richard has discovered the Wizard’s Sixth Rule.

For all that Nicci thinks the communist ideal is so wonderful, she sure gets pissy when it inconveniently applies to her. This story simply proves why communism could never work. Yes, it’s a lovely idea, but as long as humans are involved…it’ll never work. The garbage that Richard has to struggle against…it just breaks your heart and made me want to rant and rave!

I’m curious as to what Goodkind means about striking at the heart of Jagang’s army. Maybe there’s a convoluted reasoning in here about striking at the heart of Jagang’s empire…?

The Story

After events in Soul of the Fire and Kahlan’s life-threatening injuries, Richard believes he must retreat from any battle against Jagang and he leaves his troops in the field with no orders.

His “vision” has revealed that the people must prove themselves to him.

Only, Fate has no intention of ignoring Richard or Kahlan and she arrives in the person of Nicci, who has her own agenda to explore. A void she has felt all her life. She desperately believes that Richard can explain it and she will stop at nothing, destroy anyone, to understand what is missing.

She intends for Richard to understand the truth of what Jagang wants for the world by exposing him to the “joys” of Altur’Rang, Jagang’s capital in the Old World. It cracks me up how much Nicci hates that Richard is improving life in their neighborhood in Altur’Rang. That the people like him.

The Characters

Richard Cypher Rahl is a war wizard with Subtractive and Additive magics, the first in thousands of years. As the Lord Rahl of D’Hara, he commands a new empire with Kahlan at his side. An empire at war with Jagang. Richard was hidden away by his grandfather, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, the First Wizard, until such time as Richard was ready for the role he was to play as the Seeker of the Truth.

Kahlan Amnell Rahl is the Mother Confessor and Queen of Galea and Kelton; she was the de facto leader of the New World. Now she is Richard’s wife and a co-ruler. Cyrilla is her half-sister and was Queen of Galea until imprisoned and tortured in Blood of the Fold; Kahlan is only a placeholder until she recovers. Prince Harold is Cyrilla’s brother and Kahlan’s half-brother. He leads the Galean armies and Galea betrays Kahlan. Captain Bradley Ryan of Galea has deserted the Galean army with some of his men.

The Mord-Sithe were Richard’s torturers, but now will lay down their lives to protect Richard and Kahlan, a woman they consider a sister. Cara follows Richard and Kahlan into his self-imposed exile. Other Mord-Sithe include Berdine, who is based in Aydindril, the Mother Confessor’s home, where she does research for Richard; Rikka has not met the new Lord Rahl yet; and, Hania provides too much information.

Sister Verna Sauventreen is now Prelate of the Sisters of the Light and is determined to fight Jagang. Warren is one of the Sisters’ wizards, a prophet, and he and Verna are in love. Other Sisters of the Light include Philippa and Phoebe.

Captain Benjamin Meiffert is a D’Haran officer who was with Richard and Kahlan in Anderith (Soul of the Fire); he rises quickly and catches Cara’s attention. General Reibisch leads Richard’s combined armies. General Leiden leads the Kelton army; he goes downhill fast. Captain Zimmer now leads the special forces. General Baldwin commands all the Keltish forces.

Emperor Jagang is a dream walker, the first in 3,000 years. He and his Imperial Order troops have conquered the Old World and intends to add the New. Using magic. Then he will eliminate magic and make all men equal — think communism. He believes that man is evil and must acknowledge it in everything around them. Commander Kadar Kardeef is a man close to the emperor and he is as foul in his treatment of those around him as Jagang. His current role is protecting Nicci as she helps Jagang conquer the New World.

Most of the Sisters of the Dark are enslaved by him now as well as some of the Light. Nicci, a.k.a., Death’s Mistress, is Dark and cares not if she lives or dies. It’s this that intrigues Jagang and he has given her full rein to do as she pleases. Other enslaved Sisters include Georgia, Rochelle, and Aubrey — all Light. They willingly gave up Annalina, their former prelate when she tried to rescue them. Sister Lidmila is the source of the spell that could destroy Kahlan. Wizards who are Jagang’s prisoners include Irwin and Lyle.

Tommy Lancaster is one of the bullies from Richard’s past. Howard is Nicci’s father and an incredible blacksmith with an excellent reputation whose work Nicci’s mother, the most disgusting, hypocritical bitch, constantly denigrates. Sister Alessandra was a Dark Sister until
Soul of the Fire
and Sister Annalina’s influence. Seems she played a role in Nicci’s conversion. Adie is an old sorceress, a bone woman, from Westland who loves Zedd. Representative Theriault of Herjborgue promises woolen cloaks and mittens. In white. Nathan Rahl is over 1,000 years old and an ancestor of Richard’s. He’s also a prophet and his death was staged by Annalina.

In the Old World at Altur’Rang
Ishaq was the owner of a transport firm. Now he is a load master and works for the people. Jori is a driver and don’t you dare suggest he do anything else. Kamil‘s father runs the boarding house where Richard and Nicci get a room. Nabbi and Gadi are his loutish friends. Victor Cascella is the blacksmith who can’t get the work done because he can’t get the iron or coal delivered. Faval is a coalburner and Priska is a foundry master.

Brother Narev influenced her mother and is the high priest of the Fellowship of the Order in Altur’Rang in the Old World for Jagang. He is the man behind Jagang’s fire. Neal is one of the priests.

The Cover and Title

The cover is different from previous ones although it does fit this particular story with its dark background hiding what surrounds the marble statue of a couple, artfully draped. The statue is part of a sundial intended to “bring glory” to the horribleness of mankind only it brings a different kind of emotion — rebellion.

The title sadly reflects the theme of this story, for it is about the Faith of the Fallen.


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