Book Review: Suzanne Stengl’s “Angel Wings”

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Book Review: Suzanne Stengl’s “Angel Wings”Angel Wings on November 2, 2012 and has 87 pages.

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A cute romance.

My Take

I like how Stengl slipped in the opening intro, setting the scene about the type of person Jessibelle was before she segued into the story’s purpose.

Is this a superhero thing? A guy all dressed in black crashes into the living room window in her seventeenth-floor apartment and the only thing she can think to ask him is if he’s all right? Hanna, the best friend who betrayed her, who’s getting married, gave her a gift a couple weeks ago? And she accepted it? She still has it??

I do love how stupefied Stengl has Jessibelle reacting to Gabe’s appearance. Very realistic and a nice switch from the heroines who accept the oddly weird so easily.

Whoa, Hanna’s let loose with a major twist. Hmmm, is there some subliminal message Stengl is trying to send with the girls losing their copy of Romeo and Juliet all the time?

Stengl uses her few words well to paint an entire back history and future for Jessi. This was a lovely, sweet read. A short story that was just right.

The Story

It’s been ten months since Rodney dumped her for her best friend and Jessi is still so angry over it. Angry inside anyway. On the outside, she’s all sweetness and light until Gabe shows up and helps her past it.

The Characters

Jessibelle Shay quit her job at the registrar’s office because Hanna works there too; she now works as the daytime receptionist at City Realty. Betsy, Bea, and Bobbi are the evening receptionists. Mrs. Hartfield is the sweet grandmotherly neighbor who can see Gabe.

Gabe Black is an angel sent to help her with that bloody wedding invite.

Rodney Remington is the jerk of an ex-boyfriend marrying her ex-best friend, Hanna. Eric “Angel Wings” Madison is his famous race-car driver cousin. Daphne Whithammer is also a jerk and never hesitates to rub in the negative as she flits from man to man, whoever can do her the most good.

The Cover and Title

The cover must have been chosen at random. Jessi, in a straw hat and a dress, is perched on one cliff looking over at a lighthouse on another cliff. What it has to do with the story, I dunno.

The title is perfect. Gabe is earning his Angel Wings…and they make a lovely sign.


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