Book Review: G.A. Aiken’s How to Drive a Dragon Crazy

Posted December 6, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: G.A. Aiken’s How to Drive a Dragon Crazy

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy


G.A. Aiken

paranormal romance that was published by Zebra on September 4, 2012 and has 470 pages.

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Sixth in the Dragon Kin humorous paranormal romance series revolving around the family and friends of a group of dragonshifters. The couple focus is finally on Éibhear and Iseabail.

My Take

ROFLMAO! Sibling rivalry at its most outrageously funny. Between the new, lethal Éibhear, the snark from his own Mi-runach unit, Ragnar’s and Keita’s poking, and the still-angry Izzy, the first 30 pages have me cracking up. And Izzy just doesn’t stop with the “family” digs. That’ll teach ‘im!

Then there’s Izzy’s literal interpretation of Rhydderch Hael’s invitation…L.M.A.O. Oh, oh, and then Éibhear doesn’t want to make Macsen feel bad. About the bear. And of course, one simply cannot talk about pure evil without tea and biscuits.

Briec assigns guards to protect Talaith if she’s gonna insist on “gallivanting all over the land helping others birth more future running snacks…”

It’s a little visit at Garbhán Isle which gives us a chance to catch up with everyone before the primary purpose of this story is bruited. Rhia’s powers are way too strong. Truthfully, they’re end-the-world strong and Talaith has concluded that Rhia needs someone who can train her. It’s a choice that has Izzy flaming furious! Then there’s the confrontation with the Kyvich who think they’re all that. I so cannot wait to see how the deadly trio intends to handle them after they finish their schooling…

There is just no way that Izzy will allow this. At least not without heading to the Nolwenns and checking the bitch out. I do love Izzy’s entrance into the Nolwenn temple. It’s just so consistent with our girl.

The Story

It’s been ten years since the combined armies of Annwyl and Rhiannon have defeated the Iron dragons and events have moved swiftly. Éibhear is one of the Mi-runach. A troop of dragons other dragons fear and he’s become truly lethal. And Izzy has achieved her goal to be a general commanding three legions for Annwyl.

Éibhear and his unit are being sent home to Garbhán Isle to see his mum with a little side trip via the Northlands to knock some Spikes leader off. Naturally, this means a visit with his sister Keita who has her own plans for Éibhear. Ones which don’t involve General Iseabail. Plans which Ragnar tweaks.

It’s just one hazard after another: Izzy tweaking Éibhear as she practices her battle skills, trying to kill Éibhear; the Kyvich suddenly flexing their muscle about Talwyn; the mission into the Desert Sands; and, the sudden introduction of a lot more family than Izzy was prepared for as they battle evil as well as rescue it.

The Characters

Izzy, a.k.a., Iseabail the Dangerous, is Briec and Talaith’s daughter and general of the Eighth, Fourteenth, and Twenty-sixth Legions of Annwyl the Bloody. The girl is a fighter and still in love with that irritatingly slow Éibhear. Macsen is her battle dog. A puppy Izzy found after a battle. Huge, ugly, and the stinkiest dog ever and very protective of his Izzy.

Branwen the Awful is a Black Dragon and Izzy’s best friend and sister to Celyn the Black (the one who did the nasty with Izzy); both are Cadwaladrs. Fal the Tepid is another brother and he’s assigned to the salt mines. He’s NOT a typical Cadwaladr. Bram the Merciful is their father and he’s just the sweetest dragon and very well up on diplomacy.

Talaith, a Nolwenn witch and the daughter of Haldane, is mated to Briec the Mighty (a son of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great) and she is Izzy and Rhia’s mother. Princess Rhianwen, Briec’s perfect, perfect daughter, loves to draw, has a superb sense of smell, and some emerging powers that have everyone terrified. And I mean EVERYone.

Éibhear the Contemptible, once known as the Blue, is Queen Rhiannon’s youngest and it was his confusion about how he felt about Izzy and his anger with Celyn that led to the disaster that saw him, sort of, exiled into the Mi-runach, a hardcore battle unit of outcasts and misfits who can’t take orders fer nuthin’. The dragons’ death squad. Now he’s one of the most dreaded…if only he didn’t read so much… Angor is the Mi-runach legion commander. Aidan; Caswyn the Butcher, who is a cranky Brown; and, Uther are his squad mates.

The lying, plotting Keita the Viper is still with Ragnar, the Dragonlord Chief of the Northland Dragons. Vigholf the Abhorrent is Ragnar’s brother and he’s hooked up with Rhona the Fearless, who is working in the Northlands as a blacksmith. She only fights these days for fun. Meinhard is Ragnar’s cousin.

Annwyl the Bloody, the queen of Garbhán Isle, is married to Fearghus the Black, the oldest son of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak. They have a set of bloodthirsty twins who are now about eighteen years old: Talan and Talwyn. These two and Rhia demonstrate some truly awesome power.

Dagmar Reinholdt, a.k.a., The Beast, is Annwyl’s Battle Lord and Steward with a fearsome intellect and is an even more brilliant strategist. She’s mated to the equally tricky Gwenvael the Handsome. It’s a stealth family visit that brings Alppi, Dagmar’s brother Eymund’s son, and a bunch of her Reinholdt nephews by with Frederik, the eighth-born son of her brother Fridmar. Fredrik is also known as the family idiot and he’s a victim of the Reinholdt family practice. One that Dagmar(!) forgot.

The dragons’ parents are Bercelak the Great, consort and commander of the Queen’s armies, and Queen Rhiannon. Morfyd the White is the Eldest Daughter and Battle Mage for Queen Alwynn’s Army and mated to General Brastias, a human.

The Kyvich of the Ice Lands are warrior witches who pledged to protect the three children from harm some sixteen years ago and they’re still here on Garbhán Isle. It’s worrisome because the Kyvich are made, not born. And their methods of “acquiring” are hideous. Their commander is ásta and Odda is one of her warriors.

The tyrant’s daughter, Vateria, has some vicious, nasty plans for her enemies and they involve Chramnesind, the blind gold worshipped by the Iron dragons. A god who requires that everyone worship only him.

The new Dragon King of the Quintillian Provinces is an Iron dragon, Gaius Lucius Domitus, whom our dragons helped in Dragon Who Loved Me. Varro Marius Parthenius is his human general and best friend. Lady Agrippina is Gaius’ sister who was rescued from Vateria.

Eirianwen is a mercenary and a goddess of war and death, Rhydderch Hael’s woman, and definitely on Éibhear’s side. Rhydderch Hael is the dragon god and Izzy is supposed to be his champion. But after events in What a Dragon Should Know, she just isn’t putting up with any of his stupid plans.

King Heru VII of the Desert Lands leads the Sand Dragons and is allied with the Soutlander Dragons. Kafele is the king’s head magi.

Sefu is the home city of the Nolwenn witches.
is Talaith’s evil bitch of a mother and Elisa is Izzy’s great-grandmother. A very powerful witch and a Nolwenn Elder. Captain Layla is part of the city guard. General Maskini is her mother and the commander of the city’s army. Zachariah, a blacksmith, is Izzy’s paternal grandfather.

Lord Albrecht is only seventeen, easily led, and a bit too infatuated with Princess Rhia. He’s Lord Pombray’s son. Diana is seeking refuge for her and her son Camden along with fifty other families. Seems Rhi, Talan, and Talwyn aren’t the only abominations.

The Cover and Title

The warm brown cover focuses on Éibhear twisting back to face us, but we only see his well-muscled, nude torso with a flare of yellow and orange highlighting the outline of his body.

The title can go either way, for each of them knows How to Drive a Dragon Crazy.