Book Review: Julia Quinn’s An Offer From a Gentleman

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Book Review: Julia Quinn’s An Offer From a Gentleman

An Offer From a Gentleman

on October 13, 2009 and has 358 pages.

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Third in the Bridgerton Family historical romance series. The couple focus is on Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett.

My Take

It’s Cinderella in Regency England and continues Quinn’s format of the truly decent Bridgertons who care for people no matter their station in life. Although it certainly takes Benedict awhile, as intent as he is on making Sophie his mistress. Such hypocrisy, even if it was normal for that time period. I did like Sophie holding onto her values. It’s sweet how Violet and the girls take her in. Although I don’t know why Violet didn’t hire her as a companion or secretary.

It’s Sophie’s joy in life and her ignorance of his identity that captures Benedict’s attention. She is so different from the typical young lady launched into Society…

Somehow, Philippa Featherington, who supposedly married Nigel Berbrooke in The Duke and I, is still unattached.

Lampshades? In Regency England. Wouldn’t those catch on fire? I almost expected someone to wear it.

I did enjoy the housemaid wars.

Frivolous and frothy — no mother in Violet’s class would so easily accept a bastard daughter of an earl making her living as a maid — with a decent set of values, it was a fun read.

The Story

The earl’s death has Araminta in a quandary until she determines a loophole from the earl’s will that she happily exploits.

It’s a fantasy come true for Sophie when she manages to attend the Bridgerton’s masquerade ball. One that crashes when her stepmother discovers what she’s done.

Pure luck has Benedict finding Sophie again. The woman he’s searched for; the woman against whom he’s held up all others to their detriment. And he doesn’t recognize her.

The Characters

Sophia Maria Beckett is the bastard daughter of the Earl of Penwood, Richard Gunningworth. Dropped off on his country house doorstep, the earl has taken her in as his ward. Mrs. Gibbons was the housekeeper at Penwood Park who has come to London to keep house for the widowed countess. She’s on Sophie’s side.

Benedict Bridgerton is the second child and son and an artist. He and Colin take potshots at each other over their mother’s determination to see them wed. Mr. and Mrs Crabtree take care of Benedict’s cottage.

Violet Bridgerton is the dowager viscountess consumed with a desire to marry off all her children. Anthony married Kate in The Viscount Who Loved Me; Benedict; Colin; Daphne married Simon Basset in The Duke and I; Eloise; Francesca; Gregory; and, Hyacinth.

Araminta is the new countess of Penwood with her two daughters: Rosamund and Posy Reiling. She’s less than thrilled with her new husband’s “ward” and insists that her daughters have nothing to do with her. Rosamund happily follows her command while the lesser Posy simply follows along.

Lady Whistledown is the pseudonym for a gossip writer, who is amazingly accurate. I’m suspecting it’s Eloise.

The Featheringtons have a mother with no taste and two daughters who take after their mother: Prudence and Phillipa while Penelope is the nicer one in love with Colin. I’m guessing that Felicity is not yet out; she’s Hyacinth’s best friend.

The Cover and Title

Whoa, the cover on the book I read was quite imposing. I’m not sure if it’s meant to underscore the class difference between Sophie and Benedict or what. It’s an interior shot taken from the floor and angled up to take in walls and incredibly, gorgeously decorated ceiling. It has the feeling of a tapestry with its swirls and carvings. It’s also quite imposing with the ring of pillars holding up the ceiling which seems sky-high above the floor.

The title is too sweet and quite true, for Sophie is receiving An Offer From a Gentleman. It took him awhile, but eventually he remembered. Thanks, mum!


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    • It was sweet, and I suspect you’re right. Why not, if I had control of a world, I’d write the HEA too! I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.

      • 최다해 gongjumonica

        Oh. I have read them all! 🙂 I love the Bridgerton family. Now, if only I can get one male Bridgerton. Haha. Who’s your bet?

        • Anthony, so far. I’ve only read the first three so far. But I love Anthony and Kate’s willingness to try anything. I loved that bit in the epilogue about the trumpet and flute…sigh…