Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s With No Remorse

Posted January 5, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

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Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s With No Remorse

With No Remorse

on July 19, 2011 and has 360 pages.

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Sixth in the Black Ops, Inc. romantic suspense series revolving around the BOIs. The focus is on Luke Colter and Valentina Chamberlain.

My Take

Ooh, baby, every boy’s wet dream, making it with the woman he fantasized about as a teen! For we ladies, hmmm, I do like where Valentina’s thoughts are taking her with regard to Luke. A fedora that reminds her of Indiana Jones…I can get down with that!

There is no end to the action in this one! A daring train bail-out, clambering through the mountains, a horse race, hiding out in an impromptu cave…up to the helicopter getaway. And that’s just for starters!

Poor Luke: “…if 99.9 percent of his attention hadn’t been fixed on his aching gonads and wondering if he’d ever father children.”

I have often wondered why women got stuck with sidesaddles…

Gerard has such great heros. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ya wanna take ’em to bed, but they’re also men you could introduce to your parents with pride. They have high morals, tremendous loyalty, and a willingness to do what it takes. Um, and really hot ‘bods!

Rafe and Reed are “channeling [their] inner Rambos…

In this story, Luke and Valentina are good for each other. Helping each other past the negatives in their lives.

Loved Reed’s desire at the end for a cute little baby like Mariah. But then Crystal’s reminder of “three o’clock feedings…smelly diapers…responsibility… Well, let’s just say that Johnny realizes he’d rather have another beer, LOL! Then there’s Thomas’ promotion to wingman!

Oh, boy. This is where Gerard sets the hook for Joe in the next BOIs’ adventure, Last Man Standing. I want…and don’t want to read this one…I’m scared.

It was kind of weird reading about Sierra Leone, picturing Lungi Airport and Freetown, other places I’ve been in the country. It is rather perfect for scary action although Sierra Leone and romantic suspense are not a connection I’d’ve made… The country does have the most incredible beaches. The best I’ve ever been on with that soft, soft sand and the incredibly warm water. Skinny-dipping at midnight in the ocean has never been so warm…

The Story

It’s a train trip back from his two-week leave. One that Luke Colter had spent helping provide medical care up in the mountains of Peru. He may have been reconsidering his life-and-death career choice, especially after events in San Salvador in Risk No Secrets.

All it takes, though, is a threat to innocent people and Luke is back in action, facing a manhunt through the mountains of Peru as he and the girl, no, she’s a woman now, of his dreams are on the run from men willing to kill to capture her.

Now. Now, she’s bait.

The Characters

Luke Colter, a Montana cowboy and Navy SEAL, is the team medic and he’s been wondering if it’s time to retire. After what happened in San Salvador, he’s been losing his nerve.

Valentina Chamberlain, a highly successful model, is looking for more in her life. A man who isn’t hiding who he is. The recent discovery about her husband has her reeling and she’s taken off to think about her life, her future. If she has one… Senator Marcus Chamberlain is her about-to-be-ex-husband. Some secrets are just too wrong to hold silent. And makes the head of the House Committee on Armed Services quite vulnerable.

Nathan Black commands Black Ops, Inc., a mercenary organization that works off the books for the U.S. government and is based in Buenos Aires. He and Dr. Juliana Flores have finally(!) gotten married. I like that Gerard has things going on in the background throughout the series…even if I did want to go the wedding! The BOIs involved in this op include Johnny Duane and Crystal “Tink” Reed, Rafe “Choirboy” and BJ Mendoza, Gabe Jones (Jenna is pregnant!), and “Mean” Joe Green, who spends most of his downtime in D.C. with Stephanie Tompkins, Bryan’s baby sister.

Ann Tompkins is Bryan’s mom and a lawyer at the Department of Justice. She and her husband, Robert, opened their hearts and their home to the surviving members of Bryan’s team.

Mike “Primetime” Brown is the pilot the BOIs use in this story; he’ll join up at the end of this story. Enrique Santos is a retired Marine; Brett Carlyle is a young-looking Iowa boy with a whole lotta skills from the army; and Josh Waldrop is former Special Forces. These last three are combat veterans and they’ll protect Valentina in Sierra Leone.

Just to catch up…
Wyatt “Papa Bear” Savage (CIA) and Sophie Weber are still on their honeymoon, although they do have a six-month-old daughter, Mariah to go with Sophie’s adopted daughter, Hope. That is some extended honeymoon! Sam and Abbie Lang have two kids: year-old Thomas and two-year-old Bryan.

Ryang Wong Jeong is scum, an illegal arms dealer in favor with Kim Jong-il, the now-dead leader of North Korea. Ooops. At least he loves his wife, Jin, enough to use and abuse the too-young whores instead of her. What a guy… He and his wife have a three-year-old daughter, Cho. He desperately needs to collect Valentina if his plans are to be fulfilled. He has too much to lose. Well, that’s reason enough to hope he doesn’t get her!

Minister of Commerce Siaka Bai M’boma of Sierra Leone. Valentina is the celebrity goodwill ambassador. General Augustine Sesay has plans for a coup against the current government in Sierra Leone.

The Cover and Title

The cover is dark. A black background and a black-and-white photo of Luke, long lashes, stubble and all. Just part of one shoulder and a three-quarter profile of half of that. Up close and personal.

The feel behind the title didn’t jump out at me, and I think it’s all about Val and Luke. Choosing to engage in a relationship With No Remorse.