Book Review: Christy Reece’s Sweet Reward

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Book Review: Christy Reece’s Sweet Reward

Sweet Reward

on December 27, 2011 and has 338 pages.

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Ninth and last in the Last Chance Rescue (LCR) romantic suspense series set in Paris. The couple focus is on Mia Ryker and Jared Livingston.

Reece does mention self-publishing a longish novella, Chances Are, in early 2013.

My Take

An interesting pair of characters in this last installment of the LCR series. I do wonder if Reece will create a new series based on some of the characters in LCR. Or if she’s simply too used to creating characters who will come to life in the next or a future story in a series that she insinuates new people without realizing it.

I was a bit disappointed with Mia’s cliched attitude of falling in love with Jared. She’s such a strong woman with such a fabulous outlook on life and so independent, and to have Reece put her into this emotional well seemed like a cop-out. Although, I do love how she overwhelms Jared.

There has to be a better way than the current foster care system. Children are our future and it’s absolutely horrible how little care we take of them. In some ways, I can sympathize with the people taking the babies from drug addicts and such.

What a bitch! Jared is so much better off — and I’m wondering how long Carter takes it. I don’t understand how she can have this attitude toward Jared. I’d be more along with Mia’s perceptions. Maybe she should marry Ricard next. They’d be perfect. Okay, that’s not fair. Just because she’s a selfish-minded bitch and he’s a narcissist… It is rather fascinating to see how singleminded Ricard is.

Phew, it’s certainly an interesting dilemma for Jared and Mia when their target indicates his interest in her. I had to laugh as she moans — in her head — how incredibly boring he is.

Oh, it’s such a sweet ending. Too perfect.

The Story

Mia Ryker is using her horrible experience to do something good in the world with Ryker’s Rescue. When she determines that her missing baby case is too similar to one with which Last Chance Rescue is involved, she’s there.

The Characters

Mia Ryker, a.k.a., Mia Maxwell, runs Ryker’s Rescue in Chicago. Hosea Spunky Mendoza is one of her informants. Almost family. Phoebe and Quinton Maxwell (he’s a diplomat) are her parents. Nadia is her bitch of a sister. Lewis is the final reason why Mia doesn’t bother anymore.

Jared Livingston has closed down since his divorce from his ex-wife. He works for Last Chance Rescue, a private organization which people turn to as a last resort, and he’s a bit of a problem for Noah. Lucas Kane is his best friend. Dr. Lara Dennison has remarried—Dr. Carter Dennison—and they have a baby daughter, Mandy.

Noah McCall is the head of LCR and a matchmaker. He’s married to Samara, and they have two children: Micah and Evie. Aidan Thorne is an LCR operative. Dylan and Jamie Savage are back early from their honeymoon. Riley Ingram steps in for Mia. Jordan and Eden Montgomery along with Honor and Seth Cavanaugh step up.

Employees at Ricard Foundation
Philippe Ricard is the head of the foundation, which does charitable works for children around the world, founded by his mother after his father died. Jacques Ricard is his cousin. Josette Fitzgerald works nights for Ricard Foundation; she’s stepping out with André Baldwin. Paul Raymond is Josette’s supervisor.

Garwood Kinsey manages a sub rosa organization that is doing quite well financially.

Boyd Fuller is a babysnatcher. Sandi Winston is a drug addict with a baby. Well, she used to have one. Alen and François are selling women.

The Cover and Title

The mostly green and browns cover is a bit perverse. The Jared on the cover is full-frontal and completely dressed. What’s with that? Okay, seriously, for some reason, it just bothers me that “Jared” has his thumb hooked behind his belt buckle. It feels more violent than romantic.

The title is definitely a Sweet Reward for both Mia and Jared as they both get what they want.