Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s To the Edge

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Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s To the Edge

To the Edge

on May 3, 2005 and has 352 pages.

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First in The Bodyguards romantic-suspense series revolving around the Garrett family and their security company. The couple focus is on Jillian Kincaid and Nolan Garrett.

My Take

This was really good. Not only did Gerard open this story well — I thought for sure Jillian was a goner from the start — but I also liked how Gerard kept it real with Jillian hating Nolan instead of falling in instant lust, er, love.

I did appreciate Nolan’s assessment and adjustment to Jason’s call for aid. Made a good call there and certainly spiced things up in Jillian’s life, LOL. Oh, man, I did like the crack about the Power Ranger Band-Aids.

Two people pushing all the wrong buttons in each other. The reveals they each discovered about the other, how wrong they were in their assessments. Very nicely done.

Nolan’s memories of battle are enough to make you pull back and take in a harsh breath, worrying for the men who volunteer for the military. Their reasons for joining up all pale when it comes to survival. It’s only worse when you read about their coming home and trying to fit in with a society where they don’t fit anymore.

It’s amazing how well Gerard pushed my buttons, telling me exactly who it was, but I just never picked up on it. She hid the connection too well.

The Story

A young woman newscaster is receiving threats and her wealthy father conceives a plan to force his daughter to realize how vulnerable she is.

Jillian is equally determined not to cave under — memories of Hector and her childhood are bad enough.

Neither Jillian or Nolan find the other to be what they expect, and it’s a frustrating time for both as they try to figure out how they fit, even as Nolan determines just how many people in Jillian’s life could want her dead.

The Characters

Jillian Kincaid has fought hard to become a newscaster, to lead an independent life away from daddy’s billions, and she is not going to allow some nutjob to take it away from her. Darin Kincaid, a titan in publishing, is her protective father. Clare is her whacky mother, who, amazingly enough, grows up. Arthur is her father’s longtime chauffeur. Eddie Jeffries is the security guard at her apartment building; Emily is his pregnant wife. Rachael Hanover has been Jillian’s friend forever, but she’s going through a rough patch right now.

Former Sergeant Nolan Garrett recently quit the Rangers, an emotional burnout, a condition he’s drowning with lots and lots of alcohol. Ethan, former Special Forces Green Beret, and Dallas, a Marine in Force Recon, are his older brothers; Eve, former Secret Service, is his twin sister. Together his siblings run E.D.E.N. Security, Inc., the firm their father, Wes Garrett, a retired policeman, started.

Jillian’s co-workers at KGLO
Erica Gray is the pushy weather girl. Grant Wellington is her co-anchor and feeling very threatened. Lydia Grace is her assistant. Diane Kleinmeyer is the supportive producer for the news show. Ramón is a camera operator; Jake is part of the crew.

Councilwoman Abramson is another threat. Steven Fowler is her scumbag of an ex-boyfriend. Hannah Baylor is one of Jillian’s society friends, and she’s got her eye on Nolan.

Part of Nolan’s former team
Jason Wilson, a.k.a., Plowboy, is a member of Nolan’s former team, and he’s in trouble. Charlene tends bar on weekends at the Nirvana. Will is a former member; if only he’d seen that coming. Sara is Will’s paralyzed wife. Nelson didn’t make it.

John Smith is part of an ongoing story for Jillian. One in which she rediscovers her humanity. Mary Gates is a woman he’s picked up off the streets.

Esteban and Mama run a great Mexican restaurant where dancing is de rigueur. Detective Laurens investigates the attack on her apartment.

The Cover and Title

The cover is dark in black and a deep, deep blue keeping one woman in darkness while Jillian flees with Nolan from a giant glaring light.

The title definitely takes both protagonists To the Edge of their mutual lust.