Book Review: Jaye Wells’ Blue-Blooded Vamp

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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Jaye Wells’ Blue-Blooded VampBlue-Blooded Vamp on May 22, 2012 and has 470 pages.

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Fifth (and last!) in the Sabina Kane urban fantasy series about a half-vampire/half-Mage woman.

In 2012, Blue-Blooded Vamp won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Urban Fantasy Novel.

My Take

If I gotta be stuck with this OCD disorder that requires me to finish books and train-wreck series, it’s a good thing that I read fast. I wasn’t impressed when I started this series, but I did like Adam and Giggles. And I was curious as to where Wells would take this world she created. Unfortunately, it’s overly dramatic and clichéd.

Why does Sabina think she can get away with ignoring the favor she owes a god? Yeah, this so sounds like something a god would do…or our own justice system: protect the criminal who has killed.

Well, from what I see of Tristan, he’s absolutely no loss to anyone. I want to stick a stake in him!

Daddy Dearest kept careful track of one daughter and couldn’t be bothered with the other. What. A. Sweetheart.

Sabina’s track through Hell is interesting to follow.

For supposed professionals, I am so NOT impressed. This whole series has not impressed me. it’s all a case of [fools] rushing in, unprepared and unthinking.

The Story

Cain is free and Sabina needs to track down Abel ASAP, but Aesclepius wants his favor down NOW.

It’s a round-robin of putting off Paul to pay Peter and nobody is happy as they play a form of treasure hunt and keep bumping into obstacles.

The Characters

Sabina Kane is the High Priestess of the Blood Moon with the noble bloodlines of mages and vampires running through her, giving her Chthonic mage powers. She and Adam Lazarus, a mage with the Pythian Guard (think secret service plus special forces) are on the outs. Yup, the same ‘ol, lame ‘ol excuse for drama. Giguhl/Gigi, a.k.a., Mr. Giggles when he shifts into a cat, Sabina’s Mischief demon, hooks back up with Valva, a Vanity demon he was dating back in Mage in Black, 2.

Tristan Graecus is a mage and Sabina’s father; he died before she and Maisie were born. Phoebe is their vampire mother who died giving birth to the girls. Birch Jericho was the mage who tried to kill Tristan. His friend.

Brooks/Pussy Willow is a Changeling who has moved back to New Orleans and his old job with Madam Zenobia “Zen”, a voodoo practitioner in New Orleans. The overly ambitious Alexis Vega was part of Tanith’s personal guard. Now she and Slade “The Shade” Corbin — who’s been tossed out on his New York ear are hunting for Persephone. Maeve is the nasty Queen of the Fairies. Rhea Lazarus is Adam’s aunt and, with Orpheus’ death, the new leader of the Hekate Council. Persephone is the last one of the sisters left to lead the Vampire Council. Shane Bettencourt owns a bar in LA.

The dead include:
Maisie Graecus was Sabina’s identical twin sister, the Order’s Oracle, High Priestess of the Chaste Moon. Tanith Severinus is Sabina’s bitchy vampire relatives; she used to rule the Council. Orpheus was the leader of the Hekate Council and commander-in-chief of the guards.

Master Mahan, the leader of the now-deceased Caste of Nod, is actually Cain, the father of vampires. Abel is a mage determined to imprison Cain. Nyx is a vampire who owes Aesclepius for a favor he did her. Richard “Dicky” Green runs a bar in Rome where he sells more than Boddingtons. Donna Chiara Rossi is the Master of Rome. Damiano is a traitorous vampire. Nicolette is the child Persephone gave away.

Erron Zorn, the lead singer, and Ziggy, the deaf mage drummer, are both Recreants (banished mages) and members of the shock rock band, Necrospank. Only, Ziggy has run off with Goldie Schwartz, their full-time hairdresser and self-described “fun-sized midget”, and Erron is bandless and friendless.

Michael Romulus is the alpha of the Central Park pack, the Lone Wolves, and Mac’s uncle. Mackenzie “Mac” Romulus has been force-mated to Logan Remus. Georgia Rousseau has inherited Mac’s bar, Lagniappe, from her. A parting present you could say. Brooks is managing it.

Aesclepius is the god of medicine and healing to whom Sabina owes several favors. Lilith is the goddess of the dark races, the Great Mother, while Hekate is the goddess of mages. Clovis Trakiya is schmoozing around Lilith’s court. Asmodeus is King of Irkalla and Lilith’s husband. They’re both Valva’s parents.

The Cover and Title

The cover is determined with a subtle shock of contrasting colors: black, red, and a bright blue with grays. The streaky haired Sabina is undressed for success in her form-fitting, black leather vest and belted jeans, a gun in hand as she strides in front of the Vatican.

The title simply points up why she’s the choice, this Blue-Blooded Vamp.


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