Book Review: Ann Aguirre’s Agave Kiss

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Book Review: Ann Aguirre’s Agave KissAgave Kiss is a paperback edition on March 5, 2013 and has 336 pages.

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Fifth and last in the Corine Solomon urban fantasy series revolving around a woman who is a touch sensitive with a past.

My Take

I do believe that Aguirre has set us up for a spin-off starring Ian Booke and possibly the little one. I’m rather relived she’s finished this series. The first two books in the series were great, and then it seemed to just go downhill. This particular story rose up from the last two although I’m still saddened by the ending. It was too easy, and I fear for them in the future.

In some ways, at the start of this story, Corine finally has a purpose in her life. In the past stories, she’s mostly been reacting to events, this time she has a cause for which she will fight harder than she has fought for anything before.

Interesting back history on Ian! Who’d’a thunk? As for Barachiel, how can anyone think he’s an angel with the way he behaves? I’d sure like to give him some penance!

It was weird with the Luren demons. So very powerful, and so easily scared off. In some ways, it’s like this series. So many powerful possibilities that got scared off. As if Aguirre simply wanted to be able to tick this series off her list.

I’ve enjoyed the characters in this series — they’re people I would enjoy becoming friends with, and Aguirre brought a warmth to it all. It certainly was a treat to meet Chuch and Eva, and I loved Corine’s place and Tia in Mexico City. Chance. Hmmm, I like him much better at the end than I did at the beginning. And the journey with Kel has been a lifetime of ups and downs, of fears and sadness. As pleased as I am for the series to finish, I also regret not finding out what will happen in the characters’ futures, as Aguirre has left possibilities open. A very practical move for an author.

The Story

Somehow, escape from Sheol means a London alley. Without papers or money. Yet perfectly situated to lend Ian Booke a hand in Stoke, to promise a proper send-off.

Corine is determined to bring Chance from the dead. He’s the son of a god after all. The demons are determined to wrest her promise from her. Ian Booke is determined to die to escape the curse laid on him by his lover’s husband.

And Barachiel is determined that Corine will accept his commands and build his armies.

The Characters

No longer able to wield the Binder power, Corine Solomon still has too much power, especially after events in Devil’s Punch, 4, when she discovered she shared her body with a demon queen! Butch is her Scrabble-using Chihuahua. He knows more than Corine can understand.

Chance isn’t so lucky anymore. Now that he’s dead. Min, his mother, is human and mourning. Chance’s father is Ebisu, the god of wealth, and intends for his son to accept his mantle of godhood. Ian Booke is a lot older and more resourceful than I expected. And once he’s free, he intends to make up for quite a bit before he dies. Donal Macleish is Ian’s father’s greatest rival, and the husband of the woman Ian loved. Anzu is the Birsael demon who kept Ian connected.

Tia is a witch who is teaching Corine to use her magick and lets her stay at her place while her old place is rebuilt.

Kel is a fallen angel, a Nephilim, in love with Corine, but charged with destroying evil who is about to learn a very unwelcome fact. Barachiel is Kel’s master, an archangel with plans for Corine. Ahadiel is also Nephilim, the enforcer of divine will and proof positive that Barachiel has lied.

Shannon is back to being Corine’s best friend, and she’s still with Jesse Saldana, an empath and a detective. Ian Booke is an English Internet friend of Chuch’s with an expertise in hermetic magic and astral projection. Seems he’s had years and years to become proficient.

Chuch, who restores classic cars and was an arms dealer before he met his wife, and Eva Ortiz, a talented forger, have a little girl, Camellia. Ramon is Chuch’s cousin, and his girlfriend, Caridad, may be able to help Booke and later Kel.

Jeannie and Bucky are husband and wife and tend Twila’s bar, Twilight; Twila is a voodoun priestess who rules Texas. She will require Booke to run the arcane library in San Antonio in return for her aid. Dolores Devlin, the current librarian, has just about paid her debt.

Sibella is the demon Luren Knight, to whom Corine owes a debt. A Luren demon is seductive with certain rejuvenating qualities, and a Birsael is a bargaining demon.

The Cover and Title

The cover is orange in a collage of story elements: the cityscape behind Corine, the magic circle, and Corine herself holding the blade, cautious as to who might be watching.

Aguirre likes to title her stories after drinks, and the Agave Kiss is like the ending, dessert.

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