Book Review: Jo Piazza’s Love Rehab

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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Jo Piazza’s Love Rehab

Love Rehab

on June 4, 2013 and has 230 pages.

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A terrific romance with excellent insight into women and men.

I received this as an ARC from the publisher.

My Take

At first, I slogged along, reading and thinking, oh boy, a lame chick lit story. Was I ever GLAD I persevered. This was excellent! A very thoughtful story that probed at the ugly pain of breaking up, and then dove deeper into the traumas of women who just can’t keep from revisiting the reasons for the breakup OR falling for the same type of men over and over.

Piazza makes it personal and homey with a tremendous dose of fun while being serious about AA and its twelve-step program. I loved living along with Sophie as she comes to terms with her issues, with the other ladies as they come to understand more about themselves. You’ll adore their intervention for Stella! Piazza used Dr. Fisher’s studies to beautifully integrate details on the physical reactions of people falling in love, which helps with Love Rehab.

It was so easy to imagine myself in Sophie’s position, and I suspect it was a good thing that Facebook wasn’t around when I was that young!

It’s a warm cast of characters — yeah, Piazza has gone a bit overboard on a number of them. Which only makes it more fun. And a great way to learn some nasty home truths when presented so well.

I already want to re-read it!

The Story

Eleanor, a.k.a., Grandma, has died and dealing with the aftermath of her death provides Sophie with a retreat from her man problems in Manhattan where she gets caught up in Annie’s problems.

Being Sophie, she just can’t not share her problems at Annie’s first AA meeting. One that will have tremendous repercussions on Sophie’s thinking.

The relief from the burden of carrying all that anger around is a revelation to Sophie, and she realizes she’s addicted to love.

That other women are addicted and need someplace “to go when they get dumped or worse”.

The Characters

Sophie designs children’s books for a living. Jamie is her brother. Eric was Sophie’s boyfriend until Floozy McSecretary, a.k.a., Lacey, anyway.

Annie Capaletti has been Sophie’s friend since second grade when she saved Sophie from social disaster. These days, Annie’s an alcoholic who’s lost her way and in deep denial. Matt Siggman was Sophie’s boyfriend in high school. Until he discovered what was missing in his life — Robert. Dave is Annie’s cousin and a total man-whore; one of the most hated men in town. Yet, he also has an excellent message that women need to understand.

Joe is “Dr. Twelve Steps” and helps Sophie set up Love Addicts Anonymous. I love his fish analogy!

Prithi cooks incredible curries — and she’s pregnant. Stella is traumatized over her boyfriend’s decision to be on a reality show. The so-together Jordana is Sophie’s yoga teacher. “Princess” Katrina arrived with “six pieces of matching Vuitton luggage”. Kirsten is an unhappy florist. Liz was one of her grandma’s friends. Lila is symptomatic of them with an inability to comprehend good communication. Tito is the grandson of Sophie’s grandma’s gardener and in need of Love Rehab himself.

Suze Heart is a self-made love coach with great messages, and a thought-provoking analysis of why men are the way they are today. Dr. Helen Fisher wrote a book on the science of love. Megan O’Brien is Sophie’s editor; she’s also “a Yellow Pages, Zagat, and beauty blog all rolled into one”, the go-to girl when you need to know anything at all.

Sergeants Chris Zucker and Alan Bress are friends who can’t look the other way anymore. Especially with Ms. Dinkdorf‘s cat involved! Sheriff McNulty is another friend while Judge Turner has known Annie since childhood. Danny McMasters is the host of Husband. Jake is the jerk Stella had been practically engaged to.

The Cover and Title

The cover cracks me up. Which I suppose is rather rude considering that this is a sad topic with an obviously insecure Sophie holding her heart balloon from which all the helium is gone.

The title is perfect, for this Love Rehab is a Love Addicts Anonymous.


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