Book Review: Pamela Britton’s A Cowboy’s Pride

Posted June 3, 2013 by Kathy Davie in

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Book Review: Pamela Britton’s A Cowboy’s Pride

A Cowboy's Pride

on June 4, 2013 and has 224 pages.

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* New Horizons is my name for the series.

First of a two-part series with the second story coming out in November 2013. The couple focus is on Alana McClintock and Trent Anderson and takes place mostly in Northern California.

This is an ARC provided by the publisher.

My Take

Overall this was a cute romance. I liked the premise of an injured man who must confront his own fears as well as the measures to which Alana and Cabe go to help Trent. Some very clever ideas in this — I’ve got three sisters who are therapists of one sort or another, and I’ll be recommending they read this one. A Cowboy’s Pride is inspirational in terms of Alana, Cabe, and Rana’s determination — both with Rana herself and then with Trent.

Rana cracked me up with her calling Trent on his whining! And does she ever have the credentials for it! Cabe is pretty funny too with his pushing at Alana.

I do understand Trent’s anger and frustration. It’s damned hard to go from being on top of the world with a fully functioning body to the struggle he’s enduring now. Alana sort of reminds me of my sisters — they don’t take no guff either from their patients!

I love how Saedra took the lesson of Trent’s fall. Good on her! Trent really does have a great circle of friends.

Listening to Alana unburden herself of her guilt made me cry. It’s a horrible burden to have to carry.

I did like the positive role modeling with Alana falling for this disabled man, for not seeing him as less.

The Story

It’s been a year since the accident that damaged his back and resulted in partial paralysis, and Trent is only at New Horizons to please his mama and get his best friend off his back. Otherwise, he’d be gone…and Alana would only be happier if he were.

The Characters

Alana McClintock is a physical therapist helping the man who would have been her brother-in-law, Cabe Jensen, run New Horizons Ranch, a dude ranch which specializes in guests with disabilities. Braden is the fiancé-to-be who died in the same car accident that killed Cabe’s wife, Kim, and almost destroyed the now-fourteen-year-old Rana, Cabe’s rodeo-mad daughter with a serious case of hero worship. And a lesson for their latest guest.

Trent Anderson is a world-famous All-Around Cowboy being forced to come to New Horizons by his worried mother and best friend, Saedra Robbins. Dustin is the friend who died. The one Trent envies. Buster Stone is one of his closest rodeo friends; Mac McKenzie is his old roping partner.

The Cover and Title

The cover is pretty generic with a young-looking cowboy on the ground, holding his horse’s reins. Sure is a pretty background with all that green in the hills and mountains behind him.

The title is too accurate as it is A Cowboy’s Pride at stake. A man accustomed to total command of his body with amazing abilities, who is suddenly brought low by a drunk driver.