Book Review: Lily Everett’s “The Firefly Cafe”

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Book Review: Lily Everett’s “The Firefly Cafe”

The Firefly Cafe

on July 2, 2013 and has 80 pages.

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First in the Billionaire Brothers romance series revolving around the Harrington brothers. The couple focus is on Penny Little and Dylan Harrington and is set on Sanctuary Island in Virginia.

My Take

This was a cute romance with all the usual misconceptions. Penny is a cliché with her hard-and-fast rules about no second chances and jumping to conclusions, although Everett has put in a minor twist with her playboy with a heart and an understanding for teens.

Nice bit in here with Dylan remembering himself at Matt’s age and taking the time to understand.

I liked Jessica Bell. She doesn’t allow the boys any leeway, although she too has a heart. And it seems like her personal Peter Pan has captured it.

The Story

Another lecture, but one that has Dylan feeling shame. Enough that he’s hopped on his bike and headed out.

There’s a reason to make plans, to call ahead, to let people know where you’ll be. As tired as Dylan is, his brain shuts down when confronted by a vision in need. Desperate to be accepted for himself, Dylan allows Penny to believe he’s a handyman with dire results.

The Characters

Penny Little is a divorced mom with a sixteen-year-old son, Matt, and she waits tables at the Firefly Cafe. She fled her marriage to Trent and is housesitting the Harringtons’ grandparents’ vacation home on Sanctuary Island.

Dylan Harrington, a.k.a., the Bad Boy Billionaire and the youngest brother, is sick and tired of the endless parties, the non-stop drinking, the same ol’ galleries, and especially the predatory women counting the bucks in his wallet.

Logan Harrington is the middle brother. A non-stop workaholic. Jessica “Tink” Bell is his extremely efficient assistant, who knows how to handle those Harringtons. Miles Harrington is the oldest and a brother without a heart.

Grady Wilkes is the local handyman. Alonzo Chappelle is Penny’s boss and the chef at the diner. Greta Hackley is Penny’s best friend and works at the hardware store.

The Cover and Title

The sky in the cover ranges from a deep, deep royal blue to a pale lilac surrounding the deep pink islands situated offshore, far below the dining terrace. In the sky is a bust shot of Penny and Dylan dancing against a background of more pink.

Hey, “The Firefly Cafe” is where it’s happenin’…


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