Book Review: Katie Lane’s Going Cowboy Crazy

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Book Review: Katie Lane’s Going Cowboy Crazy

Going Cowboy Crazy

on May 1, 2011 and has 345 pages.

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First in the Deep in the Heart of Texas romance series revolving around the townsfolk of Bramble, Texas. The couple focus is on Faith Aldridge and Slate Calhoun.

My Take

This was a bad attempt to be funny, IMO, and I have a hard time believing a town could be so oblivious — and that stupid — as to who Faith is not. It’s something of an overdone comedy with their forcing Faith into her twin’s role and a good thing for Faith as it forces her to step outside of herself and grow. But still…the whole town??

A town that just takes over and plans their wedding and hides cars while Slate devastates this quiet, shy girl with his wants. Hog and her incredibly irritating attitude; I wanted so badly to smack her around.

Faith is cute and irritating. That obsession she has with cleaning and hygiene…! Oh, brother. I think someone told Lane that characters need to have quirks and this is the one that came to mind.

There’re mistaken identities (of a sort) going around: that Slate and Hope are childhood sweethearts, that Faith is Hope.

That whole routine of Faith bound and determined to believe what these idiot townsfolk say about Slate and Hope is annoying. Then there’s her decision that Slate’s been lying to her about “his” truck and trailer. *Eye rolls are makin’ me dizzy…* For one, he’s been knocked sideways by her, which of course, she doesn’t believe. He’s probably so used to using and living with the trailer and truck that he hasn’t even thought about it. Lane certainly doesn’t have Slate thinking about it as she doesn’t make any kind of deal about it until Faith decides to.

The coaching routine ended up being good, as was Austin. Good, that is for the team and for the coach, finding that passion.

Awww, I never would’a made the connection between the girls before Burl let it slip. And it’s so obvious.

And then Hope comes back to town…what a mess. And the stupid words just keep a’ramblin’ downhill. It was bad enough for a combination eye-roll and major sigh of disgust. I hate the stupid game-playing.

I first discovered this series when I read an ARC for Trouble in Texas, the fourth in the series, and I really liked it. OCD as I am, I just had to start at the beginning of the series. And I’m not impressed. It’s a good thing I didn’t start with this story, or I never would have gone on to read Trouble.

The Story

Discovering the truth about herself and what she’s missed all her life has Faith Aldridge furiously driving for Texas. In spite of all the rednecks. She’s determined to find her long-lost twin, only she finds her long-lost self instead.

With the help of the man the town thinks is about to marry Hope, but knows it’s the woman with whom he’s fallen in love.

The Characters

Faith Aldridge is a timid, mousy thing — one coworker claims she suffers from Overly Cautious Disorder — and she’s just learned an unpalatable truth. I’d say she’s overly obsessed with sanitary conditions as well!

Hope “Little Bit” (or “Hog”) Scroggs is the sweetheart of Bramble, Texas, and they’re all so proud that she’s being famous in Hollywood. Jenna Jay and Tessa are her younger sisters; Dallas is her brother. Jenna and Burl Scroggs are the very happy, if embarrassed parents. Shirlene is Hope’s best friend and married to Lyle Dalton, who owns Dalton Oil.

Slate Calhoun was Hope’s best friend through high school and the school’s talented quarterback. Now he’s the losing school coach and no more in love with Hope than she is with him. Buster is his huge dog.

Austin Reeves has recently moved to Bramble from Iowa. He’s a brilliant quarterback, but too angry about his life and disinclined to take orders from Coach who’s glued to his rules. Austin is also too much like Slate was when he first came to Bramble. Travis is the defensive coach. Jared is their terrible quarterback.

Bramble’s townsfolk include:
Harley Sutter is the mayor. Josephine runs the town café, Rachel Dean, Darla has a thing for glue guns; Twyla, the local beautician, is seeing Fletch; Kenny Gene still talks up a storm; Rossie Owens owns the Bootlegger where Manny is the bartender; Ms. Murphy is the librarian; and, Sheriff Sam Winslow is hiding Faith’s car. Bubba Wilkes is letting Slate live in his trailer while he builds his house and use his truck for hauling.

The Cover and Title

Awww, this blond cowboy is cute, glancing out at us from under the brim of his straw cowboy hat. His white shirt with its blue-peach plaid striping tells us he’s a working man, and that glimpse of mostly hairless chest lets us know how hot he is…woo-eee…

The title is all about Faith. She never expected to be Going Cowboy Crazy.


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