Book Review: Dean Koontz’s Deeply Odd

Posted October 11, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Dean Koontz’s Deeply Odd

Deeply Odd


Dean Koontz

horror that was published by Bantam on May 28, 2013 and has 335 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd, Odd Hours, Odd Apocalypse, The City, Odd Thomas: You Are Destined to Be Together Forever (Short Story), Saint Odd, The Silent Corner

Sixth in the Odd Thomas lite horror series revolving around a young man who sees ghosts and feels compelled to help people. It’s been 19 months since Stormy died.

My Take

This is an Odd adventure with very little of Annamarie, who appears as almost a cameo. Instead, Koontz is introducing a new branch of characters who help. In some respects this was somewhat same-same with a a descent into cliché, and yet it did have some terrifying moments. Mostly, however, this was a confusing story. I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, even as it introduced a deeper level of scare with the new cast about whom we don’t learn much. I’m frustrated with not knowing what’s going on with Annamaria, what her deal is. I can’t believe Odd just keeps going along with her.

Oh, not fair! I’m craving cheese meatloaf…and I’ve never had any before!

Eeek! Koontz, this is not fair pulling in cultural references like scary movies! It makes it too easy for me to imagine the scary stuff and makes Odd feel like a regular guy. It also compounds events in the normal-seeming truck stop. A very lucky stop as it prepares him for what’s to come.

Other Odd sure gave me the creeps, but I did love love Kipp and Mazie’s! Oh…”Purdy was all heart, not all face” is such a lovely sentiment and so true. I remember meeting this gorgeous guy, truly drool-worthy. And he was dumber than a box of rocks. Turned me off completely. I would look at him and not see the beauty, but the slog of a conversation, the tedious time spent in his company.

Odd was irritating in this one. Normally, I enjoy his politeness and his scruples, but those qualities felt exaggerated in this, and Odd came across as a dork. I wanted to smack him a few times. Especially that scene at the end when Odd wants to release that last captive in the truck, and Hitchcock is telling him no.

Oh, if only therapy could work this fast…! Still, it is a better version than most.

The Story

Odd’s gift seems to pull in the wandering helpers as well as the ghosts in need. It’s lucky for him that Edie Fischer pulls in, in time to help Odd escape the rhinestone cowboy, even if he’s not interested in taking the place of her deceased chauffeur.

It’s a lucky, if odd rescue with yet another inscrutable woman holding back information. Must be destiny that Odd keeps attracting people who don’t question his purpose.

The Characters

Odd Thomas is a fry cook. A very good fry cook who makes the fluffiest pancakes. He also sees and acts for the dead. Since Odd Hours, 4, Odd travels with Annamaria, the very pregnant and very inscrutable Lady of the Bell. Traveling with them are Raphael, a golden retriever from Odd Hours; Boo, a German shepherd ghost dog, who chose to accompany Odd in Brother Odd, 3; and, young/old Timothy, the dead boy from Odd Apocalypse, 5. Stormy Llewellyn was Odd’s much-loved girlfriend who died in Odd Thomas, 1.

Edie Fischer seems a lot like Blossom from Odd Hours in that she roams the countryside following, looking for…something. And matchmaking. Oscar is her former chauffeur. Heath was/is her beloved husband with many talents including magic. Purdy Feltenham was his best man for the wedding.

The easygoing and amused Alfred Hitchcock is Odd’s current ghostly friend.

Andy Shephorn is with the California Highway Patrol, and an Edie-believer. Gideon and Chandelle ride a Harley. Kipp, a former equities trader, Mazie, a former lawyer, and their sons, Tracker and Leander, have quite the armory in their fortress. Edie believes in proper weaponizing. Harmony is Leander’s wife. Justine is Tracker’s second wife; they specialize in printing. Big Dog is their humongous Great Dane.

Among the missing are Jessie and Jasmine Payton, eight- and six-year-old siblings, ten-year-old Jordan, and Verena Stanhope, who also sees dead people. Chet, a diner, and Sandy, one of the waitresses, inform them of the other missing children.

The cowboy trucker in his rhinestone suit is very menacing — his personality certainly does come out in this!

Lyle Hetland is the current high priest. Rob Burkett is an office guy, and Jinx is one of those being favored. Zebulon is one of the more powerful demons.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a scene within Odd’s face. A bright blue night with the yellow of reflecting lights on his right cheek as Odd stands on the center line and faces down the rhinestone trucker.

The title is so very Deeply Odd himself as he falls so very deeply into this adventure.