Book Review: Lorelei James’ Bound

Posted June 3, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lorelei James’ Bound



Lorelei James

erotica, romance that was published by New American Library (NAL) on February 4, 2014 and has 400 pages.

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First in the Mastered erotica romance series. The couple focus is on Amery Hardwick and Ronin Black.

My Take

This was an odd one. Half of me liked this for the unique set-up and Ronin’s slow approach to Amery, carefully introducing her to his passion. The other half of me was highly annoyed with a number of dumb moves. For example, when Ronin finally shows her more of his passion, she freaks, and I thought the freak-out was unreasonable. She’s been getting to know the guy. She’s been enjoying it, so where does this all-out panic come from?

Amery defends him until someone says something negative. Yeah, she’s that shallow. I guess you could say she’s consistent…*eye roll*… Somehow Amery doesn’t make that connection between a man who teaches martial arts with someone who uses them too. Hullo??

There’s loyalty in this, to an extent, and there’s bigotry and malicious gossip absorbed and spread by self-centered people.

It’s abrupt with sudden turnarounds that I don’t understand, that James doesn’t prep us for. Yes, I know that decisions happen in the blink of an eye. I also know that a single moment in a scene can take pages to relate, so there’s no excuse for this jumping about.

On the positive side, I like Amery’s career choice as well as her sense of friendship. And I adore the sound of Ronin’s building. I want that rooftop garden! There is a nice lesson in here for all shy people. And it’s not pushy…*grin*…! I also enjoyed the conflicts Amery’s Christian values put her through. It’s not so much the Christian part as the damage that bigoted obsessions inflicted during childhood can have on a person’s adult life.

Oh, well, obviously Ronin isn’t a “decent” person, since he’s a rope master of the art of shinbari. I did appreciate James’ depiction of the use of ropes as an art form. It’s not exactly macramé, but one does need to learn proper knot placement…*grin*… I also like Ronin’s explanation as to why he handled the guns as he did after he and Amery were attacked. Practical and sound.

Part of my problem with Bound is all the tell. There’s so little show in this. Although, maybe I’m being distracted by my annoyance with the emotional shallowness and melodrama of the story.

What is it with that Christian definition of “decent” people? Her mother thinks Chaz is disgusting, but I guess we can’t all be good Christians who are smacking their significant others around nor he does he drink too much. Another one of those WTF misguided moments was Emmylou’s accepting Tyler’s word without thinking.

Yeah, there were all sorts of things I enjoyed in this, but there was a lack of depth in this that left me cold. And for a class of people who have too much experience with stupid prejudice, the gays in this sure overflow with prejudice. What’s worse is that Amery buys into it. How stupid and one-track is she?

Crack. Me. Up. Waxing the lady taco? LOL.

On the whole, borrow this one from the library.

The Story

An attack on Molly finds Amery going along with Molly to a self-defense course where lookie-loos are not allowed. Amery will have to leave or join the class.

It’s a decision that will affect the rest of her life.

The Characters

Amery Hardwick is a graphics designer with her own company, one that’s struggling in today’s economy. Molly is her shy employee. Aiden is her uncommunicative brother stationed in Afghanistan — the furthest he can get from home. Her mother and father, a pastor are a piece of work. Obsessed with appearance more than substance, neither of their children can do anything right.

Emmylou Simmons rents part of Amery’s building for her massage studio while Chaz rents the center section for his artistic enterprises which includes illustrating manga. Both are gay and take Amery out on the town with them. Vincent is a tailor and a friend of Chaz’s.

Black Arts dojo
Master Ronin Black is a man of many secrets and highly skilled in a variety of martial arts. Knox Lofgren, a.k.a., Shihan, is the dojo general manager. Tattooed Bald Guy, a.k.a., Sandan, a.k.a., Sandan Zach. Deacon McConnell is Yondan and Ronin’s third-in-command.

Kiki is a snake, character-wise. Not surprising since she’s friends with Naomi, a backstabbing bitch. Tegs Green is an athlete whom Ronin has trained in the past. Thaddeus Pettigrew is rumored to be the richest man in Colorado, one with a bad reputation. Shiori Hirano is a v-p with Okada Foods, a huge multinational corporation.

Officer Stickney is with the Denver PD. Dennis Harris is from Schmidt Insurance. Tyler Pessac is her jerk of an ex-boyfriend; he’s at the Sports Banquet with Chantal. Cherry Starr writes erotica and needs covers for her books.

The Cover and Title

The cover is vivid in shades of bright orange, a swirl of sheer ribbons spiraling outwards.

The title is what Amery learns about being Bound.