Book Review: Laurell K. Hamilton’s Blue Moon

Posted June 14, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Laurell K. Hamilton’s Blue Moon

Blue Moon


Laurell K. Hamilton

erotic romance, urban fantasy that was published by Jove on September 24, 2002 and has 418 pages.

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Eighth in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter urban fantasy series set in an alternate St. Louis, Missouri.

My Take

There’s the dream invasions, the wicked dance that Jean-Claude wants one more time… The conflict between loving Jean-Claude and how the marks that have changed things between the three of them has created some issues between them. And she seems to forget that this situation is something unique to all three of them, even as she expects Jean-Claude and Richard to inform her of everything…*eye roll*… Wah.

“Love sucks. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it’s just another way to bleed.”

Then there’s Colin. Jeez. What a wimp! And Anita’s reaction to his refusals allow Jean-Claude to pull out all the stops.

Oh, crack me up. Zane and Cherry are Tweedle-punk and Tweedle-slut! Why should Anita have to tell Cherry or Zane they should have dressed to blend in? Wouldn’t it be simple common sense? Tennessee? In the countryside? Hullo?The trip does provide a opportunity to get to know Nathaniel better, for Anita to think about him (his hair is knee-length at this point).

It is interesting that Jamil is concerned about Anita’s reactions to Richard’s activities, especially considering what he was like in The Killing Dance, 6.

This ain’t a subtle town. And I do love how easily Anita and friends take the bad guys out. Again and again and again. It’s an indictment of bullies with lessons in self-defense and leverage. It is a great way for Anita to earn Shang-Da’s respect and reinforces Jamil’s. I like the phone call Anita made after the fight. Pissed that sheriff off, LOL.

This, this is what really ticks me off about Anita. For some reason, she thinks she’s the only person who can screw around. She’s seeing Jean-Claude, bedding him, and not seeing Richard. When that changes, she still expects to sleep with Jean-Claude and Richard, but they can’t see anyone but her?? She actually expected him to be celibate? Yeah, I get that seeing Richard eat Marcus was totally gross — And it sure took Richard long enough to figure out what his part was in sending Anita screaming. And she’d been investigating, researching wolves, so she what? She just stopped at one point? Didn’t bother to really get into it? Didn’t bother to ask?

Whoa, Jean-Claude fears Richard? It is astonishing how jealous and insecure Jean-Claude is.

And again, another reason why I let her irritating off-and-on behavior slide by is that snarky attitude. I do love it.

It’s lucky for Anita that she came here, as she will finally learn how to use her magic. To protect herself. To learn that touch does not automatically mean sex!

The Story

Boy Scout Richard has been jailed for rape and Anita flies to Tennessee to rescue him — there will be two full moons this month and Richard cannot be in jail when even one of them rises. Jean-Claude is resigned. Anita is going despite the denial of safe passage from the Master of that City, Colin. Good thing Jean-Claude insisted on Anita taking backup because not only is Colin upset but the local law isn’t too happy with her presence nor are the bad guys paying off the law.

Naturally, it just isn’t an Anita Blake novel without lots of problems and the local Pack certainly doesn’t help. Vern is a bit insecure and his lupa a bit psychotic. A benefit is that Anita does meet her magic teacher, Marianne. Anita also learns a lot more about her powers, scary as that may be!

Jean-Claude has mixed feelings as Anita brings Richard to a fuller partnership with more power for their triumvirate even though it means he must share her more.

The Characters

Anita Blake is a vampire executioner — the Executioner — and a necromancer with a strong sense of what’s right. And, in spite of her relationship and love for Jean-Claude, the vampire Master of the City of St. Louis, she still loves Richard. She’s also the lupa for the pack, Nimir-Ra for the pard, and Jean-Claude’s human servant. And mildly regretting the different path her life took, away from the preternatural biology she had wanted to pursue.

Richard Zeeman, Anita’s former fiancé is pursuing his master’s degree in biology, studying Lesser Smokey Mountain Trolls, and he loves the outdoors. He’s the St. Louis alpha of the Thronnos Rokepack and one-third of the triumvirate with Anita and Jean-Claude. Only his twenty-four-year-old baby brother, Daniel Zeeman, knows his secret. Richard’s other brothers include Glenn (his wife is always butting heads with Charlotte), Aaron is a widower, and a sister, Beverly, who’s married with her fifth baby on the way. Charlotte Zeeman is their very strong mother from whom Richard learned his boy scout values. Jamil and Shang-Da are Richard’s werewolf enforcers, his Sköll and Hati, who followed him to Tennessee.

Asher, a master vampire, is Jean-Claude’s vampire lieutenant since Burnt Offerings, 7. Julianna had been Asher’s human servant whom he’d shared with Jean-Claude.

The Crew Who Forms Anita’s Entourage
Jason Schulyer, Jean-Claude’s snack and pet werewolf, has turned 21. Turns out, he reads. Shhh. Zane; Cherry, fired from her nursing job when they learned of her shifter nature; and, Nathaniel, a stripper at Guilty Pleasures who loves pain and doesn’t know when to say stop, are the wereleopards along as food for Asher and the 1,000-year-old Damian, a former helmet-wearing, ax-wielding Viking and one of the vampires Anita roused.

Betty Schaffer is the slut who claims Richard raped her.

Milo Hart, a bodyguard, works for Frank Niley, a man too interested in the land the trolls inhabit, is an art dealer specializing in mystical artifacts. Howard Grant is his clairvoyant. Linus Beck is a 500-pound sorcerer calling up demons.

Colin is the local Master of the City, a night hag, a mora, a vampire who feeds from fear, who can cause it; Barnaby is the one who rots. Collin’s human servant is a Native American, Nikki. Donald is the vampire who delivers the message with Thompson.

The Blue Moon Cabins
The cabins are run by Verne, the local Ulfric; Roxanne is his psychotic lupa. Some of the other girls Richard “dated” include Lucy Winston and Mira, a couple of the local wolves, and Dr. Carrie Onslow. The Pack’s vargamor, a neutral wise woman, is Marianne; Roland is her wolf bodyguard. Erin is one of Verne’s wolves whom he lost to Colin’s “tender mercies”. Eric, the pack Freki, seems to have issues. The cowardly Dr. Patrick. Ben is Verne’s offering to Anita as a bodyguard replacement.

The Myerton police
Officer Maiden drops a few clues here and there. Sheriff Billy Wilkes doesn’t seem to like Richard or any of his friends. Deputy Thompson is a jerk, a goon with a badge. Judge Henry is their justice. Mel Cooper, Chuck, and Terry Fletcher help the police out.

I adore Millie. She’s a grandma on whose porch Shang-Da’s been keeping guard, and she stands up for what’s right! Ivan Greene is the farmer whose land the trolls have been living on, but he died six months ago and his son is not the same man.

The state police
Captain Henderson is in charge of this murder scene. Sergeant Michaels.

Catherine Maison-Gillette is Anita’s criminal lawyer friend with a good recommendation for a criminal attorney: Carl Belisarius. Bob is Catherine’s patient husband.

Animators, Inc. is the company for which Anita raises the dead. Bert Vaughn is her greedy boss. Gerald Mallory is the grandfather of the vampire executioner business.

Brewster’s Law seems to be something that might give vampire executioners federal marshal status as well as take away the vampires’ status as legal citizens. Currently, vampire executioners are licensed by the state. Means they have to get a license to execute in each new state the vampire flees to and they can’t help out in a crime unless invited. The munin are the ancestral memories of the lukoi, spirits of the dead.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a blue tone-on-tone with the nude torso of a woman with her arms crossed in front of her and a wolf baying at the moon behind her.

The title refers to a rare event in nature, a Blue Moon, a second full moon in the same month. A time when werewolves can’t avoid the change.